UI Keybinds are hardcoded - any solution?

I am amputated and have since almost 20 years back always used the right side of the keyboard, arrow keys/numpad/insert/delete/home etc.

Usually when games are made with unreal engine, the solution is to just get into the Input.INI file and find the entries for the UI and change them manually, but with BL3 the keybinds are saved in My Documents/My Games/Borderlands 3/Saved/Savegames/<some id>/profile.sav, and with this file being encoded in binary?, I can’t just open it and edit, even with a editing software such as HxD it’s just incomprehensible.

For now I can luckily rely on my keyboard software do handle a few rebound keys, however those keys lose their original function, such as Delete not being able to erase characters when i misspell in chat etc.

Is there anyone there smarter than me who might know of a solution, or can i get my voice heard somehow for Gearbox to see this as an issue they can (probably quite easily) resolve by exposing those keybinds or something.


I use heavily customized key bindings with a split keyboard using a Colemak layout. I was hoping to find a way to rebind these as well.

If I manage to find a working solution I’ll let you know, but for the time being it’s looking like quite a challenge.

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I also complained about this in my UI post.

Character movement keys are bindable, great. But UI binds are not? The map has a lot of issues, but enhanced by lack of bind settings.

ESDF for character movement.
WASD for map movement–unbindable…? Why? At least fix panning and zooming speeds on your map so we can use our mouse and not even have to worry about binds there, but even so, the UI needs to allow for bindings.

Hard-Coded binding for a large AAA title in 2019 … it’s stuff like that this that really frustrates consumers. And needlessly so. They shouldn’t even be topics of conversation.


Having the same issue… so frustrating. Had the same issue in Division 2, but at least with that game there was a file you could manually edit

just use autokotkey.


  1. you will need to download an install “AutoHotkey” here: https://www.autohotkey.com/

  2. once installed right click on desktop, hover mouse over “New” and select “AutoHotkey Script” name the file “name.ahk” (extension name must be .ahk)

  3. right click on the name.ahk and select open with notepad, in there select all the text and delete, then create your script, save it, and close notepad.
    for example my script for UI binds is:

to launch script just double click the created “name.ahk” icon. To end script just right click and end from task bar.

here is a link that shows all the button names to use in the scripts. https://www.autohotkey.com/docs/KeyList.htm

good luck.


Gotta be honest, I’ve been seeing those things a lot lately. In Rage 2 or Wolfenstein, as long as you use WASD (or in general, the default control scheme) its fine, but once you change something you notice the hardcoded keys. I can’t image what people using the mouse with the left hand and using keys in the right side of the keyboard go through. Was there really no one in the entire development and Q&A team that doesn’t play WASD?


Autohotkey is usually my goto solution, though it can at times be unreliable depending on what macros you make with it, my keyboard software is a better solution, though best is always a in-game implementation.

Exposing the UI keybinds shouldn’t be a hard task, and when they have time, could be done fairly quickly as well.

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You serious…it’s been happening for years now; )
Dead Island and Dead Space (heh, dead meat cases) being oldest examples I recall.

Are we sure there’s no config file one can edit?

BTW Reserved keys and unbindable controls used to be a nightmare of Unreal Engine games, including Borderlands series. So yeah, typical.


yep, just lazy friggin programming, like they used scaleform - the worst ui platform for pc in the history of lazy game programming - it hardcodes everything and ignores the numpad. i’ll have to return the game now as i made the wrong assumption about the keyboard binding. i mean hell, i’m available to fix it for free if you want, just give me the ui code, it’ll take less than 30min

This still doesn’t seemed to be fixed in 2020 and it’s freaking me out. The last couple of AAA tittles all had the same problem. As an ESDF (which is much better than WASD tbh) player I’m always left behind. There are practically no proper key-bind scripts anymore since console players use controllers and that is where the money is at, so why bother, right?

Please fix this. Add bindable ui functions to the menu (preferred) or bind their current functions in conjunction with the bindable movements keys. It’s not that hard!


Agreed fully and completely. I bought this game like 3 months ago and have been complaining about this ever since and it still isn’t fixed.

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