UI question For mission map

Is there any tutorials, tools, or documents on how to add (or tweak) the new UI? Right now I am re-using the recall UI to send player mission stats at the end of a game. But I would like to make my own UI (if it is a < 3 month task) so I can better format and display the stats I want to show.

Also thought perhaps I could just pick up the Multi Player stats page and use at the end of a mission map… add some new elements to it but I would prefer to have a simple single screen (no tabs) that could allow a player to screen shot and post for competition among friends reasons.

Fastest approach may be for me to just change the font size* of the recall screen for the mission so I can send more data there… simple and quick.

*I like the font size in the UI that shows the specs of what ship is selected on screen. But for the life of me it is the only UI I can not find.

It’s in my projects to make a tutorial on the UI part of the game, but I’ve no time at the moment. I don’t even manage to finish my Rainbow Mod :sob:

Concerning the screen you’re looking for, it’s in newtaskbar.lua (\ui\newui), look for unitSingleSelection and its dependencies (especially “Ship Stats Info Frame” for the stats)


Thanks I will look there. I like the font size, selection, and color. I am just going to try to change the recall to a smaller font to start just to see if I can fit more information on the screen than the current recall shows.