UI request. For my vision impaired sister

My sister has had a vision impairment her whole life. Lately, she has been wanting to play video games. To be a bit more specific, she wants to play games that my brother and I play together. Then Battleborn comes along and we have been having loads of fun with it. However, my sister can’t read the text in the helix menu. We have had to write down helix paths for her. Even with that she has some difficulty trying to match up the path with her current level.

Now I have a possible fix for this, if you would take it into consideration. Allow players to highlight helix paths. This way my sister, and any other vision impaired players may have pre-marked paths to follow. This could also help the community. A lot of people offer builds for players. Instead of writing it down, or trying to memorize it, the players could highlight the path to keep themselves in the game.

Whether you can or cannot implement this, thanks for an amazing game. Can’t wait to try out Alani.


I always loved SMITE’s implementation of the ability and item tree being able to be preprogrammed as the default but for you to be able to change it on the fly based on the match. I was actually very surprised to learn that this was not an option in the Command section. It is a very sweet and noble request for your sister. I do believe that this would be an amazing addition to the game.

I wish you all the best on this noble of quests brave knight

Interesting idea, I’ll pass this note along to our design team.

Tell your sister that we’re huge co-op gamers ourselves so we can definitely understand wanting to play with family. While I can’t promise that we can deliver on this given our current workload, I can promise you it will make its way into our task tracking software!

Thanks for sharing!


I actually agree with this.

I’ve just used Windows Magnifier for stuff like the helix tree, because I’m just so used to that. So I press a button and it boops into a certain amount of zoomed in that follows the cursor around. I’ve actually found that that’s helped me with countless video games.

In fact, can I recommend that you share this with her? If you can get a key bound to her keyboard that will toggle magnifier, that’ll definitely open up a lot of games to her that otherwise she might not have been able to otherwise play.

I’m offering this advice because, yeah, my sight is terrible. I was born with cavum septum pellucidum (a brain deformity that affects vision) and my optic nerves are like silly string, on top of that I have nystagmus and a bunch of other things (I’m glad I can still see at all).

I know how hard video games can be for the vision impaired. I actually had to ask my significant other to read a bunch of things to me as I was playing Xenoblade Chronicles X (she was watching), otherwise I’d never have been able to. I wish consoles had a global zoom.

Anyway, I can’t help you with the exact suggestion, but I can give you my AutoHotKey (Google it) script to turn Windows Magnifier into a toggle.

SendMode Input
SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%

magnify = 0

LShift & CapsLock::
if magnify = 0
send #{NumpadAdd}
magnify = 1

else if magnify = 1
send #{esc}
magnify = 0

LShift & WheelUp::
if magnify = 1
send #{NumpadAdd}

LShift & WheelDown::
if magnify = 1
send #{NumpadSub}

You’ll need to save that as MagnifyMe.ahk or similar and then you can have it launch with Windows if she finds it super helpful.

What this does is really simple. It sends Windows Key and + when you hit Shift & CapsLock the first time, which opens Magnifier. Then it sends Windows Key and Escap the second time which closes Magnifier. If CapsLock is a bad key to use for this, you can change CapsLock in that code to whatever you like, based on this:

AutoHotKey Hot Keys List

I know it’s not ideal, and it’s not what you asked for, but… The thing is, being visually impaired so much myself (I’m registered as blind in the UK because my sight is so bad)? I know how helpful this could potentially be to her. It’s really empowering to be able to have that zoom at the press of a button, and it can make even some startegy games playable.

Not what you wanted, or asked for, and not perfect. But I do hope it helps! C:

Footnote: Sorry I didn’t provide that as an executable. It’s just that it’s the Internet and you have no reason to trust me, so I wanted you to be able to see the code for yourself so you could see I’m not trying to do anything bad here. You can compile it yourself with AHK if you want, which means you wouldn’t have to keep the AHK program around.

Edited: Removed a useless line that I forgot wasn’t necessary. Just code clean up because I’m obsessive like that.

Edit 2: Sorry, forgot to note some caveats since I’ve been doing this forever, now. You’ll need to run games in windowed mode or borderless windowed (either is good), and you’ll need to have aero on. I think it’s worth it, though, as it’s enabled me to play so many games.

Edit 3: I’ve been tinkering with the code a bit to clean it up and make it more usable for people who aren’t me. It now uses shift as a modifier for CapsLock, and you can now use Shift + Mousewheel to alter the zoom levels when the magnifier is active.

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Even just as a QoL this is something I’ve wanted since the beta. It would also be nice to be able to set a “default” path or even better would be able to say I definitely want these levels to choose these options, but I want to be able to pick when lv 3, 8, and 10 come along depending on how the match is going.