[UI] [Solved] 4K Build manger UI Problem


I recently got a 4K monitor and with the new update I decided to get back into Homeworld. It looks great the only problem I have is I cant find the option to widen the build, research, and launch manager panels. This makes it very hard to see what is in any of the queues.

Any ideas on how to widen the section of the display would be great.

Put your mouse on the left-most side of the right build window (for Build/Research/Launch) - notice it changes to have < > arrows…

Drag the window wider :wink:

Thanks for the quick response. Not sure how I mist that.

Quick question regarding this if I may :
Would it be possible to keep the width setting between sessions ? It’s a little bit frustrating having to change it each game :confused:

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Maybe, but at the moment, no.

ok. Thanks for the answer :slight_smile: