UI Suggestion: Switching character info in the command menu

So I generally like the new UI we have, but I had an idea that might make it flow even better; specifically when wanting to observe another characters skills, helix, appearance, lore and stats. Here’s how it goes:

When you go to the Command Menu, you choose a Battleborn you want to get info on in the Battleborn tab. However, if you want to view information for another character, you have to back out to the Battleborn tab and select the one you want. My suggestion is the ability to change to a different character while within another characters info. On Xbox One, the D-Pad isn’t used for anything within the selected characters Information page. So I’m thinking here, you could allow the D-Pad (or which ever keys on PC) to allow you to change your current character.

The only thing I’m not sure about is how the selection process should go. Should it go through characters alphabetically, based on the sorting method you have selected at the Batteborn page, or maybe you scroll through names and then another unused button input is used to confirm that you want to view that characters information.

I’m well aware this is a small thing. I’m just throwing it out there.

Just suggested the same thing in a different thread, and completely agree. Right now, the D-Pad and LS on controllers do the same thing, but they could be split (because the functions are split elsewhere in the game.)

I think just cycling in the same order as they are displayed on the main Battleborn page is the obvious thing to do.