UK players for general play

For a while now I’ve had to force my schedule around playing with American players. And I get on great with the people I’ve added…but the problem was always timezones. If there are any UK players out there willing to start new characters or do some farming I’d be glad to add you.
A few restrictions,
Mic is necesarayh I’d like to be able to talk to someone and co ordinate as a team.
The levelcap DLCs are necessary. This seems pretty self explanatory.
I DO NOT DUPE CHEAT OR USE MODDED GEAR. Many people think this is fun and all the more power to them.
I don’t use gear that was not obtained in my playsession. I find it more fun this way.
And finally, the more campaign and headhunters you have, the better. This means more content for us to play.
My name on xbox is BlackAxon.
I hope to be playing with you soon. :slight_smile:

Hey I’m a uk player here also I’m currently on the xbox 360 but I will move over to xbox one when my handsome collection copy arrives this coming week.

My xbox GT is Aussie Alpha I’m currently levelling up my zero character at lvl 50 and a few new characters I also want to get up from lvl 1 onwards.

Hi, I’m experiencing the same thing, love to play with my regular US buddies, but that often means staying up 'til 1am to get a game going. As a Belgian dude I’d like to play with people who’re closer to my timezone (GMT +1, that is). I have the GOTYE + TK Baha HH, I have these toons: L15 GZ - L13 MM - L25 PSY - L10 COM - L36 ASS (haha). The assassin is the only character I’ve finished the game with up 'til now. I have a mic, don’t care about duping/modding, just want to level up and improve my characters in a challenging way (no powerleveling for me).