UK Pre-load on PS4

Just wondering if anyone in the UK has been able to Pre-load the game yet?

I haven’t, unfortunately.

I hope it goes up soon and not just at midnight,the US got a Pre-load didn’t they,why cant we get one?

I hope so too - I’ve got tomorrow off work and want to have a dabble on THC before Bloodbourne arrives in the post (although something tells me that Bloodbourne will be taking a back seat).

Yeah I’m getting Bloodbourne too,got the digital version and was able to download it on Tue so at least i can play that at Midnight if I’m not able to play Borderlands.

From the sounds of it with all the patches it might be a while before I get to play Borderlands. Still, can play on my PS3 whilst it downloads on the PS4 I suppose.

@Nivly I’ll check again this afternoon and let you know if the option is available to pre-load it.

@Nivly Yep - I’ve already pre-loaded mine and the patch is also automatically downloading.

Nice one thanks for the update,i’ll start it downloading when i get home from work.

Mine downloaded while I was on my lunchbreak. Didn’t seem to take very long at all.