UK very bad lag

anyone else in UK experiencing very bad lag, and i mean very bad. me and the gf can’t even play splitscreen the lags that bad.
Even worse in public matches (especially when youre dominating and all of a sudden the hunter becomes the hunted >:@)
When i first got the game it was great, no lag. since the last couple of hot fixes/updates its ruined my experience.

I’m in the UK and generally there’s no lag when playing in evenings at times when others in the UK/EU are playing (as generally I’m matched against others from the region).

The only time I get lag is when playing at other times e.g. during the day or very early evening in the week. At these times I’m matched with others who are further away e.g. Asia and it’s then I see some lag, but not in every match.

Mine is woeful, like its super sh*t and only gets worse about 10 minutes in. at the start its okay but near the end my character isn’t even shooting?! just lagging all over the place. and it certainly shouldnt lag on splitscreen, going to buy a powerline adapter see if that solves anything.

Ah, if you’re using WiFi then I’d highly recommend that you don’t and you do use a Powerline adapter. WiFi can cause lag in a range of games, sometimes it’s not noticeable by you but is by others.

My upstairs PS4 is connected using a Devolo powerline adapter (downstairs is full wired). It made a big difference when we started using it, I’d never go wireless on the PS4 again.

ive had a few mates tell me that, but it was never an issue before so why is it now. I get 15 down and 2 up, its not amazing but surely that shouldn’t effect it that bad.

As I said, you don’t always see the issues but others do (I know, I was in this situation previously). The issue isn’t necessarily to do with your broadband speed, it’s to do with packet loss of data which is more likely over wireless and can be due to a number of factors (eg interference from other wireless networks, walls in the building etc). It’s just that some games seem more susceptible to this.

Trust me, things are a whole lot better with a wired connection either directly or using a powerline adapter.

Payday friday so maplins here I come! been meaning to do this for a while tbh