Ult didn't count as "skill kill vs. Conservator" in Demon Bear OPs

Dear Benedict Players… if you ever get this side quest near the end of the OP, don’t finish the Conservator with your Booms Day… you won’t get the Points.

I hate it that stuff like this happens…

the same happened to me with marquis’ ult. never really tested if it was a one time occurance though.

Maybe it is that thing? Maybe it won’t count ults as "skill“ in general.

Usually if a “kill x with skill” pops up and I’m benny I use the rockets and quick melee till it is really low and then Hawkeye the target, to secure the skill kill.

But it already was spwaned, I had access to the Ult and i was trying to avoid that mess of enemies that spwans once you get down there.

you propably know this already, but you can go down there to trigger the event and go back (jumppad) up the cliff where you came from, if you stay there the enemys will come up there one by one, the varelsi will stay at his spawn, just mind that you need at least 1 thrall alive before you kill it, otherwise the objective has failed, takes a bit longer but it’s a safe deal

That’s not exactly true. You actually want to rush the conservator before the big thrulls spawn because Nova will come up with an idea long before all the thrulls are dead. The objective fails if she comes up with an idea before you kill the Conservator. It’s not tied to how many thrulls are remaining. Solo, it’s not that big a deal; but when playing three player if you don’t rush the Conservator you will end up with a metric ass ton of big Thrulls defending that area if you wait too long.

that’s the standart way I and my friends deal with that, we never encountered problems doing it that way, dunno, maybe we were lucky so far, but it works pretty good

I guess it’s possibly based on certain thrulls? We have definitely screwed up that op early on with plenty of thrulls still running around on more than one occasion. And since after the second batch spawn in it’s nearly impossibly to tell which ones are the original ones. The failure is definitely tied to her using the drill. Does she not start her dialog about thinking of a plan and coming up with the drill plan if you jump back on the ledge?

the event continues on, but I can’t tell you if it’s tied to time or certain thralls, usually we pick an enforcer or a bonecrusher who will be “spared”, the rest gets nuked, if there’s a afe path to the varelsi, one runs down there to get te objective done, the other two keep the enforcer busy, as soon as the varelsi goes down the enforcer get his deathblow und we continue to the deamon bear, I’ll test the time factor next time, but it feels somehow that it’s tied to certain thralls (brutes, enforcers, bonecrushers), but I can be wrong, like I said I’ve never tried to let enough time pass to confirm or deny it

This challenge is whack for sure, I’ve had some Ults not work while others that shouldn’t do, like Galilea.
Makes you sick to hear Nova say: That’s not what I asked for.

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Old post is old but another thing to consider is Nova doesnt always tell the truth. Sometimes she will tell you to kill a Conservater with a skill while its actually another enemy.

At least this has been mine and my daughters experience while playing. Its gotten to the point where we know all of Novas lies.

(Misogynistic comment redacted by PH)

Apologies, I got carried away.

i thought it was discovered a while back that if you waited too long no skills counted against it? i didnt play the 4th op right out of the gate and when i did start it i used the rush tactic on the conservator and have never failed it in ~15 runs.

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Honestly, I run Ops more than anything lately(damn you SNK-WRK for repeatedly evading me!!!) and there sometime seems to be no rhyme or reason. Often rushing will work and other times waiting does.

This goes for all Ops events. Best tactic happens to be my life slogan: “Whatever Works.”

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