Ultimate Badass Enforcers are not spawning for Bar Room Blitz

Playing Bar Room Blitz Tier 3 on UVHM with a friend on co-op and the Ultimate Badass Enforcers are simply not spawning. The most we’ve gotten was 4, most often we only get one, and sometimes we get none. We’re slaughtering enemies at a fast pace. At first we thought we had to kill a certain amount of enemies within a certain amount of time to spawn a badass, but we were killing 6, 7, 8 of them within a 5 second period and would still get no badass. It definitely seems like a bug with the PS3.

We are properly starting the mission. Going to the mission box to accept the mission, then the rally point (basically the same spot), then to the green doors. Also, it’s not like there are badasses we missed because once the timer runs out the enemies don’t disappear. So if it was simply a matter of not finding them in time we’d at least find them once the mission was failed.

I truly believe it is a bug or something with the PS3 for this missions. Specifically for UVHM because I can complete this mission (and the rematches) in NVHM. I haven’t tried TVHM. Any information would be gratefully received. Even if it is to tell me I need to kill 10 enemies in 5 seconds to spawn a badass and I just suck at this game.

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