Ultimate Badass Mod by JasonBourne (With Videos)

Hi there !

I know we all wanted a great Aliens game, and most of us got
disappointed with the end result of Gearbox, sadly. Well, it`s still not game
over man! This patch will give you the Aliens experience you’ve been waiting

Years later I decided to give a shot to mod this game (with
hexing only) and with the help and suggestions of a friend (Xenon), I’ve
managed to succeed! It’s so sad that only with hex editing, a better job can be
done than what Gearbox has done so far. Anyway…

I tried my best to fix what I can, and the game is much
better however major bugs couldn’t be fixed with hex only.

ok, I have to tell you, this patch is for badass players
only. This isn’t any walk in the park, you will die over and over again.
Teamwork is VITAL! keep that in mind Marines. Can you face the challenge ?!

(some videos has some bugs in it, but I have fixed those on the way)

What’s in it:


  • Xenos are much faster, improved AI (It’s very hard now, so
    you better stick together. Oh yeah and that toy you used for role play, the
    motion tracker, now you`ll need it;)

  • Lurker is now deadly. You cannot push him back up once he
    pounced on you. Only a teammate can save you from it. (Otherwise lurkers are nothing
    but role play, not dangerous at all…)

  • Mercs bullet damage is the same as yours (In other words,
    you`ll die in 3-4 bullets)

General changed and fixes:

  • Fixed the heavy and acid resistance armor that didn’t work
    in Bughunt. Now they do work (Randy forgot to link them properly for Bughunt)

  • Buffed all 3 armors including heavy chitin for xenos.

  • Recoil added to all weapons to make it less cod and more

  • Changed TDM and Capture timelimit to 10 minutes. (5
    minutes is kind of low…)

  • Changed Hudson`s Pulserifle to automatic instead of bursts

  • Flamethrower capacity for Assault rifle and Ripleys Pulserifle
    increased. The pickup flamethrower still has more capacity. (reason: you`re
    gonna need it, son. :slight_smile: )

  • Increased Plasma rifle`s ammo.

  • Fixed sights for guns which used to zoom in with reflex
    sights ect…

  • Changed pulse rifle faster rof sound with the smartgun
    sound because it sounds more like in the movie.

  • removed the close encounter anims with the soldier xenos
    both in SP and BH. (However in SP it can return sometimes, I don’t know why.)

  • Dead bodys stay longer on the ground.

  • Fix spitter sound
    where the spitsound played 2ce, before spitting and after spitting.

  • Could not fix the soldier xenos waiting and looking at
    some moments. :frowning:

Balanced the online
gameplay and damage model:

  • Added 1 extra nade for marines. (you can now carry 2 nades
    in TDM ect…)

  • Xenosoldier charged tailwhip is now a 1 hit kill when its
    fully charged. ( Reason is its very hard to use so it should be rewarded. You
    need to charge the attack for 1-2 seconds before striking)

  • Wirlwhind have been reduced from 70 to 60 damage.

  • Flurry damage has been reduced from 35 to 30 damage.

  • Spitter acid claws have been buffed from 30 to 40 damage.

  • Spitter Rupture is not an instant kill anymore, and will
    stay 3 seconds active. (This needed a nerf…)

  • Spitter Smoke has been increase from 3 seconds to 5

  • Walltail attacked has been buffed from 70 to 80 damage.
    (This will encourage players more to use the wall and ceiling, thus more skill)

Bughunt only:

  • Heavy WY actually fight with xenos. (Xenon`s fix)

  • Heavy RPG actually fires a real RPG missiles so take
    cover! (Also Xenon`s fix)

  • Balanced xeno hp.

  • Xeno Wallspeed balanced. (Somehow in BH the xenos were
    slower on the wall, now they aren`t)

  • Dinoheads removed in Bughunt to keep it more original,
    except for the spitter which is not an original xeno anyway. (It’s an Aliens
    game not Jurassic Park)

and much more… :smiley:

(read the Readme file for installing)

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/v3nw5w5593wvhna/ACM+-+Ultimate+Badass+Mod+by+JasonBourne.rar

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Good job,marines~I’ll try this MOD immediately!

Thank you so mutch! this mod is amazing, one thing tho if you could maby upload a second version of the Bug hunt, without the weyland mercs, that would make it a true bughunt! :slight_smile:

Hi, Im glad you like it. I will add from time to time new content. Ill take a look at your request and let you know! Join the community too for getting informed to the latest news ect. : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ACMUBM

Great! Don`t forget to join us! :smiley: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ACMUBM

Video added, more to come in the future!

New videos added!