Ultimate Baddass Vault Hunter

Hello fellow vault hunters. Some of you may have seen the throwback challenge, but I have proposed another challenge especially for the “community baddasses”… Ultimate Badass Challenge.

Ultimate Baddass Challenge
Play UVHM (OP level included)
Only use 1st Generation legendary class mods or below (Legendary Siren/Soldier/Berserker/ect)
No Pearls (Bekah/Godfinger/Avenger/ect)
No Tiny Tina DLC items (Antagonist/Blockade/Grogg Nozzle/ect)
No E-Tech relics (Bone of the Ancients/Blood of the Ancients)
Now unlike the Throwback Challenge the builds can use the last 22 skill points.
To be the ultimate baddass try the challenge without using your last 22 skill points.

Good Luck fellow vault hunters!


So it’s the same exact thing as the last one, no?


This isn’t really a negative, they’re all excellent. Maybe Krieg doesn’t benefit from his Psycho COM as much as the others can from their 1st Gen one, but the others are great COMs. Should be no Legendary COMs and keep the no Tina DLC items, it’d force people to use blue COMs more.

Maya, her L. Siren is one of her best, Axton the L. Soldier IS his best, L. Berserker is very good, if not quite his best. L. Hunter is excellent too.


Plenty of top builds use blue COMs, especially back when there was only one choise for a legendary COM. There’s no need to cut legendary COM’s out.

I’d honestly be more interested what people would come up with if skill points where capped at lvl 50 but new legendary COM’s were available because that would actually be something we’ve never seen before, I think.


@Lammas No not exactly the same. Lol. You’d be playing OP levels without using your last 22 skill points. The last challenge didn’t have OP levels. And this doesn’t cut legendary coms out just the 2nd generation ones (Legendary Cat/Ranger?Gunzerker/ect). I’d also be really interested in the builds people come up with with these guidelines. That’s one the reasons I presented this challenge. Feel free to share a build that works. Good luck!

@Kuolemanlaakso As far as the legendary coms go I agree all of the legendary ones are pretty good, but I don’t see too many people using the original legendary lineup (especially with Gaige, Krieg, and Sal to an extent). I’d still keep the 1st legendary com lineup though. I feel like that’s fair. I’d be really interested to see someone play melee zero or Krieg with during this challenge. Either way if you’re able to come up with a build feel free to share it. I REALLY want some of the “community baddasses” to attempt these, but I’m not sure how to even reach out to them. Lol. Either way good luck!

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You can actually use the Leg Psycho COM to make a poor man’s version of the walking bomb setup normally done at OP levels with a Leg Torch and Flame of the Firehawk… The shield delay is the main thing, I don’t notice the burn damage increase because everything is exploding all the time around me and I have no idea what’s really going on… Your FOtF will just keep going, though you can extend even further by using an Orphan Maker and fire off a shot or two randomly to keep the shield down… That said, that build is not very effective against bosses (and less against loaders at higher levels, still shreds them in the 50’s and 60’s)

Leg Beserker sucks in my opinion, but then again I don’t play Sal much and I never really used it, trying to remember what I did use with him… Leg Soldier and Leg Siren are two of the best class mods in the game, Leg Hunter is fantastic, you get more damage out of other Zero mods, but the Leg Hunter allows for great surviveability and you don’t always need that extra damage with him. I use the Leg Hunter a lot with gun Zero and still used it for some later levels on my melee Zero play through.

Leg Mechromancer…I dunno… I rarely play Gaige and my play through with her didn’t use anarchy as I didn’t like the mechanic initially… can’t comment on that one…

No Grog makes digistruct a lot more challenging along with certain areas of the game…


Sal is going to be easy :wink: Deputy Sal is complete at level 60, so not a lot of compromises to make there.

As for the Legendary Berserker, it’s not bad, it’s just overshadowed by the others and has very little direction, but it’s a big pile of solid boosts across the board.


I can definitely work with this…


yeah, that’s a better way of putting it, I think it’s overshadowed by more common class mods for him… I was looking in my L50ish mules the other day for something and saw I had a purple Beserker class mod that boosts Last Longer and Yippee-kay-ay in addition to cool down rate, basically a poor man’s Legendary Gunzerker mod and I’d much rather have that than the legendary version of the Beserker…


@DeputyChuck Oh my God!!! Chuck80!!! Sorry I am a massive fan of yours! Thank you so much for responding! You’re the only community badass that responded, and I sent a lot of invites out. A whole lot. Either way thanks again. You are correct Deputy Sal is definitely complete at level 60. That’s why I still feel like it’s one of the most solid builds around. If it’s easy really try to do OP level without using those last 22 points. If anyone can pull it off, especially with Sal you can. Let me know how it goes. Good Luck! Thanks again.

@HeavenlyAnarchy Oh yeah this challenge can definitely test whether or not your build is legit. I feel like if your build can hold up to this challenge , it one of the best. If you can get through this challenge with Zero in any way you’re super badass!! If you do content or have a build that holds up please post it! Share with other please. This kind of thinking could be the best way to help the Unofficial Community Patch.


I got your invite - thanks! :+1:

Incidentally, I think a no-skill playthough would be even more badass.

We’ve just started the Loot Hunt , so I’m out of commission for the next 2 months ( :crazy_face: ) . I’m definitely doing nothing else until it’s done.


No skill we be pretty beast! Lol. But this particular challenge has some academic purposes a well. Either way thank you sooo much for responding! If you ever do have a little free time could you point me to some other community badasses that might help me with some data collection? Especially people who play as Gaige and Zero. Anyways thanks again and GOOD LUCK! That loot hunter is gonna be a REAL challenge. Refarming the Norfleet?! AGHHH!


The actual official Community Badasses are few and far between, but there are many very knowledgeable players that can help you ( more Zer0 players than Gaige players atm, but there are enough around ). The best thing to do would be to create a new topic ( under the specific character section ) with your specific questions.

I don’t normally like tagging others because they may be unavailable. Chuck and Derch for example get tagged incessantly. I’m sure Chuck’s fine with it, but I only page him when I need him specifically. Derch is long gone by the way, in case you were wondering.

If you make a new topic feel free to ping me ( or PM me ) and I’ll gather up those I know and who I think might be available ; but really, those who are available will come on their own.

( edit : I see you’ve got a Gaige thread going. If you have UCP related questions, I can only think of two or three members off the top of my head that would be helpful )


Thanks for the invite, but I’m not a community badass, kurt was just nice enough to recommend me. The actual list is here: https://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/badges/103/community-badass

I don’t usually “gimp” myself when I play, and I’ve been on a break from Borderlands for a while, but I’m always down to theory craft builds. My BL2 also magically stopped crashing all the time like it has been recently, but if you want videos I probably won’t be as entertaining to watch as someone like Striker. As I tend to play BL2 more casually unlike TPS, and that’s probably because I didn’t “grow up” with the game, and only picked it up about the time digi-peak came out.

Not trying to reinvent the wheel here or anything, but here are some builds. I may play test them later, but the game I’m currently playing is having their servers shut down in 2 months. And since I joined the party late I’m trying to get as much time in as possible.

I think you may think this challenge is harder than it actually is. Most of the TTAoDK gear that people use is easily supplemented with slightly worse variations from the base game or other DLCs. The same thing with the legendary COMs. And none of the characters really build around the pearls for normal play. The hardest part is coughing up the 22 skill points, but it’s doable, and easy (except for maybe Zer0).

I just feel like I’m not satisfying this, as I’m able to basically make the standard builds with these constrictions. But if this is what you wanted I can continue.

  • Sniper Zero still has his Pimp, Lyuda, Transfusions, etc… Just no Kunai
  • Melee Zero still has the Rapier, Rubi, Hide of Terra, Love Thumper, Stormfront, Proficiency relic, etc… Just no Kunai
  • Gaige still has the L. Mecromancer, Fibber, Bee, Turtle shield, Hail, Conference Call, etc…

I’m not sure I can.

I might be a good theorycrafter, but i’m a pretty mediocre player when it comes to actually doing things. :slight_smile:
Still, I will give it a shot sometimes next week.

Though if anyone wants to try, this is what I would use:

As for gear, I would use an OP8 ROM, OP8 Slag Ruby, OP8 Evolution, level 50 blue Raider COM with Incite as the 2nd skill (level 50 to get the lower shield penalty), level whatever Deputy’s badge and OP8 stormfront.


It was a quite a pain in the ass but it did get me through Southpaw


slag pimp
fire/acid pimp
docs quad
DPUH (would’ve liked Topneaa but I wasn’t carrying one. I ended up using it on reeth and a couple of armored psychos)

turtle shield
cooldown relic
leg hunter
slag transfusion

Thanks for the underleveled Dog Rouf (and for the underleveled Flying Emperor Reeth)…

EDIT: 1 point from Iron hand and probably 1 point from Innervate should be moved to Precicion. Killing blow point could also be moved but that one actually did end up being useful once during the run so maybe not.

EDIT2: I did some more adventuring like this. I found a Triquetra in my bank so I swapped the Quad for that, works like a charm now. I cleared Hayter’s Folly and picked up a new Rapier along the way. Then I did Washburne Refinery. Both of those felt like walks in the park after the earlier Southpaw run. Maybe the Zer0 rust just fell off a bit but both of those areas went really clean save for a couple of FFYL’s that were manageable. DPUH really only got used against Crystallisks in Folly and other than that I didn’t use it at all. Could probably swap it for a (Binary) Rubi just for some extra healing between fights if I’m below healthgate at the end of one.

EDIT3: I need a blue Sniper COM with OSOK and Precision.


I did another area for this challenge. Headed to WEP this time.

The very first Stalker pack had a rabid and a tubby. It was a slow stalemate but in the end the stalkers nailed me. I ignored them and all the rest of the stalkers except for the few that need to be killed next to the closed door and the pack that attacks you next to the loot midgets. No problem with those ones.

I tried the loot midgets but then I got a Jet loader midget that flew through the roof only to return like a minute later in full health and the bastard did that twice. That made me miss backstab and execute. I just noped out of there when it flew of for the second time.

Nothing special on engineers or loaders. Mainly the combat is slower because I don’t have Followthrough.

I think I’ve only killed Mothrakk on OP8 with Maya before. The situation shall remain like that as I was only tickling it. I’m not quite sure if my regular build could handle it either. It just seemed like I’d run out of ammo so I left.

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Neither of these guys is particularly dependant on skill points and more about knowing how to move around the rooms without getting spit on or caught in a nova.


@Lammas Holy smokes! You’re a freaking beast with Zero! Thank you so much for your input! That just shows how tightly built Zero is as a character! Great job! And thanks for posting the build information as well, and doing raids. I figured that would be the most difficult part without using those last 22 points. Testing that build in a variety of places really helps you see how well it holds up. I’ve been doing most of my testing in The Beatdown for humans, Opportunity or Washburne Refinery for Machines, and Caustic Caverns for creatures.

[quote=“khimerakiller, post:14, topic:1641090”]
I think you may think this challenge is harder than it actually is. Most of the TTAoDK gear that people use is easily supplemented with slightly worse variations from the base game or other DLCs. The same thing with the legendary COMs. And none of the characters really build around the pearls for normal play. The hardest part is coughing up the 22 skill points, but it’s doable, and easy (except for maybe Zer0).

That’s true. Most of the TTAoDK gear can be supplemented with different variations in the base game and other DLCs, I just don’t really see anyone doing so, especially in the OP levels. Also it’s true most players don’t build around pearls, but I have seen people build around TTAoDK gear. The last 22 points restriction is pretty hard, but I’m glad you said it’s doable, because it is.

Please do continue. I’ve checked out the builds you came up with although they don’t completely follow the guidelines there’s some good bare bones there. Either way thank you so much for any input at all. This has been an amazing experience getting this feedback and having other give there legit input. Keep up the good work and good luck!


This is the exact build I’ve been running for Sal since I discovered the Deputy build. That’s why it’s one of my absolute favorites! It’s a really tightly made build. I was able to use this without DLC at all so I supplemented the Orphan Maker with either a Purple Doc’s Coach or Rustler’s Coach gun and it still technically works, or I used a Doc’s or Rustler’s Striker. Unfortunately if you use a Legendary Berserker com you can’t use the Striker as well. Either way thank you so much for adding your input. As a huge fan you have no idea how much it means to me. Either way good luck when you test this in the OP levels.


This is intriguing to me. I’ll keep you all posted. Did something similar with these restrictions at 61, but that was Pokashine’s LORB (Legendary Only Raid Boss Challenge) which fits most of the criteria here.

No Class Mod DPUH/Cradle/Slagga 61 Pete:

LORB Gee (61):