Ultimate Edition on Steam

Can someone answer/ verify that what I am seeing as correct?

A: It clearly says in library on it and I own everything but season pass 2
B: Why is it gift only? Wasn’t the whole point of this “Ultimate” to upgrade or get new people into it. Obviously, there isn’t an intent for us to upgrade super deluxe to ultimate.

I am just really confused about all of this as I keep refreshing the steam store and sometimes the Ultimate Edition is there and sometimes it isn’t. I assume that its just buggy atm.

Why you want an Ultimate if you already own BL3 and other extra content? It’s waste of money.

Sometimes buying the upgraded bundle gives you a discount on the content you are missing. In any case, my sister’s account doesn’t own Borderlands 3 and her Ultimate edition also says Gift on it. She actually wants to get the game to play it with me.