Ultimate Edition

So I have been playing the BL3 disk version, I bought the digital BL3 ultimate Edition. I can’t seem to figure out how I can get my characters to transfer. Both games on the same PS4 and I do not have PS+.

Thank you in advance for any insight.

You don’t need to transfer anything. Just make sure both versions are for the same region, if they are different then your saves won’t be working.

The digital version made me start a new game. Correct me if my line of thinking is wrong but I didn’t think to uninstall the disk version before I downloaded the digital. I have backed up the save data from both versions. I uninstalled the disk version and I’m going to uninstall the digital and redownload it with only the disk version save game files on the console.

Uninstalling digital may be too much, but you can do that if want. Just make sure both versions are for the same region, check product ID on the box and compare with digital for your account. For example, save from US box won’t be working in EU digital.

I would agree to compare the regions beforehand, with borderlands 2 I used both digital and disk versions - they both shared the same save files. Versions were effectively different but from the same region (some bug fixes were never applied to the disk version)

Okay, I understand the region matching, their both usa. I’m redownloading it now. I did try to just delete the digital saved data and uninstalled the disk version to no avail. I’ll update after the download finishes. Ty for your aid.

Okay, after downloading and still being faced with a new game. Here’s the part where I feel dumb. The disk version case said it was US but after checking the disk region code it’s EU (as far as I can tell). So I guess starting over here I come. Thank you again and sorry for waisting your time.