Ultimate first ever from Tomboy

I never in my life have gotten a first post in a forum thread for the very first forum post in that board’s history! Hooray!

For those that I’ve never talked to before, I’m Tomboy on the old forums. My hobbies include nonstop writing, making new friends, and saying goodbye to old ones=D

There are some that remember me and my sad story from the old forums, but I am not going to rehash old stories. Suffice to say that I will probably only know you guys for a short while, but I have definitely made a legacy by being the first post in history on the soon to be released and soon to be gold game!

I’ll only really get active here after the old forums shut down, but if any of you guys want a new friend that is old and friendly, feel free to write me! Just to clarify from misunderstandings on other boards, I will not divulge my gender unless I slip up somewhere because I just want friends, not romance.

I look forward to hearing from you all (or some of you)!


I like Potato!

You sound like NME man I miss that guy. Hey Tom! good to see you still about only 19 days or so now hang on brother.

Rest in Peace