Ultimate Kills Daily Quests

So, I was “lucky” enough to get 3 “Kill Battleborn with ultimate” quests and… I’m really stuck. I dived into Bot Battle and tried Thorn. Had a clean kill, mushroom clouds on a screen, yadda, yadda, but… the counter not incremented. Ok, maybe enemy died from periodic damage, I thought, and retried next game with Orendi. I’ve got 2 clean kills with carefully timed Paradigm Shift but my counters are still at 0. Is it because I played Bot Battle? Or am I just not getting something?[details=Screenshot]


They did say there will be more on this tomorrow but for now that does not work in Bots Battle.

(Make sure to put the picture link inside the (details=Screenshot)(/details) bracket, and then try tweaking around with enters and the like for a little while. Hide-details brackets take a lot of work but are a great tool)

Darn, this is getting ridiculous. Bot Battles does provide neither Ultimate kills nor lore kills. Just killed Ambra bot 3 times by myself as Alani and got a help against her, still got 0/5 Ambra kills.
Double strange that Bot Battles still allow you to complete “Kill specific faction Battleborn” quests

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