Ultimate poooooo

(Shayne & Aurox) #1

Arguably one of the worst ultimates in the game. Does mediocre damage and only someone who’s not at their keyboard is gonna stand in it anyway. Only way to make it semi decent is to gear attack and ability up and be level 10 for the pull in.

(https://www.twitch.tv/v0lum3) #2

Try putting it on a sentry, or the wave… It’s not a player targeting ult

(Shayne & Aurox) #3

I’m aware what it does to stationary objects…that’s the issue

(× King of Pirates ×) #4

The Ult is so damn good in PvE! While u can attack the Boss with your Fists, the Ult can clear Creep’s who’re tryin to income. At PvP, u should put the Ult at their Run away road. Mostly, their tryin’ a different road, cause no one wants to run freely into an Ult. The Second is, they have a longer Way to flee, while u bash their Ass with your Boomerangs. The Ult is awesome. Just know how to use it.

(Mshldm1234) #5

Putting down the ult while you’re running not only prevents them from chasing you but also enables fleet footed. It’s actually very useful and can clear put minions too

(Shayne & Aurox) #6

It’s not stopping anyone from running through it. Minions will often pass right through it and take maybe 2 ticks before being clear unless you’re in range (I.E. standing in it with them) to pull aggro. Anyone with a brain will walk right through in pvp because the only real thing it can do is knock you up and that’s takes long enough that without the level 10 helix will get caught in it unless unaware. I main as S & A so it’s not like I choose this character, figured out it wasn’t it wasn’t good as Oscar Mike’s bombs and came to complain. I’ll run through this ult because there’s no consequence to passing through.

(Lev Dog) #7

The pull from helix 10 should be a part of it regardless. Then just change the helix 10 choices to slow and shield steal. Simple. Basically subtract the pull from helix 10 and add it to the basic ultimate

(Shayne & Aurox) #8

Yeah that would be good if it could at least slow progress. I laugh at other Shane’s for popping the ult on me now as it stands.

(Mshldm1234) #9

If someone’s low enough on health and you need to disengage a lot of people will turn back. People also don’t necessarily know what it does in the first place. In my opinion Ambra’s and Deande both have much worse ult’s


Ults aren’t necessarily powerhouse moves. The dot on it is pretty good, it’s fairly big, it’s great for keeping people from taking control points, or hold off a lane in meltdown or incursion, whether the lane has players or minions in it, and does goo damage to things like sentries and bosses (and the big minions). Although it isn’t the best ultimate, it has it’s uses and S&A is such a good character regardless

(Shayne & Aurox) #11

I didn’t say it wasn’t a good character…only the ult needs some work. And it does lower damage than most ults if you wanna get technical

(nyakasgoods) #12

Toby would like a word with you.

Also, as it stands, S&A is (are?) a pretty nop-notch character, so a buff to the ult would all but force a compensation nerf somewhere else.

(Shayne & Aurox) #13

Toby is good but his ult is bad. See what I did there?


What I’m trying to say is that, unlike a character like toby or rath, the ult is not exactly about the damage. If it were my choice, I’d be fine if it lasted for only a second instead of 5 (and did 1/5 the total dmg as well) and knocked up immediately, but thats not going to happen. They could make some changes to the ult, I wouldn’t be upset if they did, i love S&A anyways, but it’s not on the priority list as high as say toby’s ult, which is basically the “kill me while im slowed and deal worse dps and can’t use my abilities or boost away” insteead of “hahaha death laser, run!!!” like it should be. S&As is just pop and run. It’s a utility, not necessarily a weapon.

I agree it could use a tune up possibly, but the move is still great. (I liked the idea of it initially having a pull)

(Shayne & Aurox) #15

I was thinking it would be cool if aurox would tie people down to one area. Maybe a max of 2 to 3 are stuck in the circle with him and lessen the damage or maybe give shayne’s melee a small boost.

(Kiyaris) #16

As an avid Shayne & Aurox player (90% of my time spent playing is as them), I’m afraid I have to disagree. Their Ultimate is pretty bloody fantastic and works well in multiple situations. Yes, the pull in + slow from level 10 makes it much better, but the pull certainly shouldn’t be baseline since it does quite a bit of damage as opposed to say, Kleese’s Ultimate.

It just isn’t some massively amazing 1v1 skill like some other Ultimate skills are. In the end, it all comes down to positioning. If you have someone running away, you can drop Aurox at a choke point ahead of them. If they’re running because they are low on health, you’ll either catch up with your boomerang and finish them off if they stop, or you stand to do enough damage as they run through it coupled with boomerangs.

As someone else said, if they are following you after a decent fight and you drop it in front of you to run through it yourself, it can make them think twice about running through it to catch you, since they may die on the way. Plus, this kicks in her passive and makes you run faster for a tiny bit, helping aid in the escape.

It’s also super easy to drop on some group fights and rack up a ton of damage while the attention isn’t on you, and it is a bloody fantastic wave clear tool.

Fighting a melee? Drop it at your feet and run circles around it. Most melee players will try and rush you through it, snagging you enough damage that you can hit fetch on them once he’s back to grab your overshield and finish them off.

Fighting a ranged? Place it where you don’t want them going while you reposition.

Playing Incursion? Make Marquis think twice about that sniper perch while you approach it, then fetch him out of it when he comes back.

Playing Capture? C’mon, it’s the size of the capture points. You know what to do with it there.

As others have said, not every Ultimate needs to be a giant death ray of murderface. It is a very utility skill, just like her other two skills, and it works very well.

(Shayne & Aurox) #17

I really dislike having to read novels written about tactics I already know how to use :confused:

(Kiyaris) #18

Oh Boo hoo.

Here, TL:DR - I disagree, the ability is fine.

(PSN ID: AForestTroll) #19

That would tie in with the “tag team” name actually. If that’s the name of the ultimate anyway. Working together to bring people down as opposed to an AOE you just throw out.

(R Pac1 Rp) #20

Lol perfect reply. Honestly you just explained how to use this perfectly and what it’s used for. OP is just upset they can’t use it for their play style, which seems to be damage. Considering that you listed all the ways the ability was useful, and all they could retort with was, “I really dislike having to read novels written about tactics I already know how to use :confused:” then that tells me Shayne and Aurox isn’t for them. Shayne and Aurox isn’t meant to do massive damage. In their description they are an initiator, and stealth character, not an assassin or controller. Their current Ult can be used to surprise a team and cause them to scatter if they’re piled together, initiating , see what I did there? Shayne and Aurox are fine at what they do and any change would make them be able to do too much. If the ult is that big of a problem for anyone then they might want to try Oscar Mike or Deande for other stealth characters if that’s what they’re looking for, otherwise maybe wait for Pendles if neither of them appeal.