Ultimate Rakk Hive Farming

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Ultimate Rakk Hive!
End game farming Leviathans…

From the Wiki:

  • Has a chance to drop the Leviathan, a unique rocket launcher, upon death.

The Leviathan is a Unique Rocket Launcher manufactured by Torgue.

I’ve decided to create a thread about my journey. I plan on using Lilith just to speed up the farm using Phasewalk to my advantage. I’m farming the Rakk Hive at end game for a complete set of Leviathans in all elements and I’m hoping for purple rarity. We’ll see…

first drop:

second drop:

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(odiscordia) #3

That’s an evil accessory isn’t it? Could be fun

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #4

I think so. I don’t know my RL parts very well on the original. I’m about too tho with all the Leviathans I’m getting. I’ll post some more drops and a vid.

(I found a firebomb) #5

Kurt, youve gone mad farming leviathans lol. Ill stay tuned

(odiscordia) #6

I did this lol. Awesome. Kurt I believe that’s the dmg accessory and max dmg for this. Very cool…this…

is the evil accessory. I decided to go see what I could get and was thinking I had to do this mission first, which I hadn’t done til now. It dropped that

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Nice. I’m having fun with this farm. I got an upgrade max level corrosive bettie nade from the vending machine
And a corrosive Leviathan drop.

(odiscordia) #8

7 shot in all elements. That’s what we need here mr. Hive

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #9

Evil acc again. but a level lower

must have the accuracy accessory on this one.

(odiscordia) #10

How often is it dropping btw?

(odiscordia) #11

hive be trollin

(Geomason) #12

I did some runs as well today, about 10 kills no LVTHN for me yet…

(odiscordia) #13

Same here. 10-12. I did get these tho on same kill

(odiscordia) #14

Also this

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #15

just got one to drop. first of the day and its my 20th run so far.


also got this from URH. I’ve been using it. not bad.