Ultimate Skills being "countered"? Intended or not?

Take marquis for example… his ultimate requires a “loading time” right?

But lets say i get knocked backed, stunned, whatever while im “loading up”… it will make it so my shot never goes off, and i still suffer from the 1 minute cooldown even though i never got my shot off?

is this intended?

it feels kinda cheap, and imo makes classes without a “loading time” all the more OP.

it sucks when im tryingto load up my ULTIMATE but i get countered by alanis level 1 NON ULTIMATE.


I think that although cancelling ultimates wind up time was intended, like Orendi’s, the cancellation of skills that you tap twice while aiming was not, like Thorns. This is such a debatable topic that an answer from a dev would be the only real answer.


It’s not just ultimates. Any skill can be canceled if you get CC’ed mid cast, or even while aiming (assuming you’re not set to instant cast)

It’s most annoying on Ults because if their long cooldown, but not limited to them.

This concept has been discussed at length before on these forums. You might want to browse around a bit.

Skills and ultimates are certainly big hitters, they come in handy for quicker take downs, wave clearing, or to save ones life.

But yes, they can be cancelled out. And as annoying as it can be if you are the one having yours cancelled, it’s a win for the person doing the cancelling, because it might just save their life and give them the advantage, before they find themselves KO’ed.

It’s honestly just another tactic of the game, be choosey when you use your skills and ultimate, and be wise of what’s happening around you, whether the foreseen on the screen in front of you, or the yet to come running in your direction on the mini map.

Timing is everything, sometimes it will be in your favour, sometimes it won’t… I know I shake my fist at players whom cancel my skills/ult, but I also shake my fist at myself for not paying more attention to my surroundings, haha.


The only time I get tilted about this is when a thrall knocks me up out of any skill.


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Seriously. I especially hate the lag on the knock-up. It seems like their attach generates a slow-moving wave.

I’ll see them hit, all the characters near them get knocked up and land … it’s been a second or two, I think I’m safe, so I start to cas- knocked up


You can change the game settings so all abilities auto-cast, with this in mind I think all ability cancellation is intended and cancelling abilities can be a strategic play. If you see an enemy winding up their ult, CC the crap out if them!

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It’s not really “cheap” or unfair in this case. Battleborn is a MOBA, just like LoL or DotA 2 except being a FPS MOBA.

Most of the skills that requires channeling time can be stopped with a cc and the skill will ultimately goes into cooldown. This is a normal practice for most or all moba type games. Hence, timing is everything.

Oh and this, well said!


Working as intended.

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its not really lag, the shockwave has a travel time and the wave itself goes pretty far. The travel time is the trade-off for the really large aoe it has. i just turn and run.

I use instant or quick cast (Depends on character). I get CC’d out of skills and ultimates “all the time”. Cast time doesn’t matter, if the animation isn’t finished the skill/ultimate gets interrupted.


So true.

Im getting CC’d out of my ULT all the times too - so i’m not blaming the game because everybody is in the same situation. Try to keep it in mind and get a win out of it.

I have to work on my timing, too…

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The only ultimate that shouldn’t get interrupted by CC is Whiskey Foxtrot ultimate. Why the hell does ANY CC cancel the ■■■■■■■ full-auto clip ? It’s the same weapon, litterally doing the same thing but with a full-auto instead of a burst.

I can get why Rath’s ultimate is interrupted by CC, it’s clearly it’s only counter. ISIC’s ult being interrupted by CC makes a little less sense but why not, guess he can’t maintain his turret form through a CC. Toby’s ult being interrupted sucks, but the ult sucks balls already altogether so whatever, just don’t use it at all lol. Ghalt’s ult I guess he drops his second shotgun during a CC, anyway can’t be interrupted if you take that lvl 12 helix, but it sucks balls too just like Toby’s, so don’t use it unless you’re attacking a sentry or something static.

But god dammit Whiskey Foxtrot just shouldn’t get his ult interrupted lol it makes no sense that the full-auto clip wouldn’t be there after a stun or kb or whatever.

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Its not about making sense, it’s more like everybody gets the same…

But if you need a explanation, look at his Animations - did you ever notice the weapon falling apart?
Seems like the different part were duct taped together (also: look at his helix - taped magazines :wink: )

Maybe he is pissed off by getting CC’ed and shakes with rage - at least in a way to let the full-auto magazin drop, so he has to reload.


Every ultimate with a windup time is cancel-able. Just some of them require pure dumb luck.

It’s how they balance the fact that some characters like Ghalt, Isic, Whiskey, Rath, Galilea (this ones the funniest, under the ground and still get hooked come on), El Dragon can have huge aspects of their damage taken away easily.

I’m personally really, really annoyed to have the thrall’s knock up that is a huge area of effect and not easily avoidable at all (especially since there’s almost nothing on screen showing it) on a fairly small cooldown canceling my skill, and even more, my ultimate.

I believe it is intended, but I do wish that there was an across the board solution.

What I mean is gameplay cancelled ults aren’t treated the same way as game mechanic cancelled ults.

When I play Caldarius, his ult launches him in the air, but if he hits an outcropping preventing him from attaining full height, he comes back down and I get a roughly 12 second cooldown penalty on my ult.
The bad news is that my ult got countered by the game itself.
The good news is that I don’t have to wait a fill cooldown cycle to get it back.

If this were an across the board implementation on cancelled ults, I’d be fine with it.
I do believe cancelling ults should exist, though.

I agree. If I miss with or cancel Deande’s ult there’s a 10 second cooldown, but if I’m CCed during wind-up I lose it all and 70 seconds is a long time. That’s harsh, a refund on CC would be nice for ults.

You are correct. Perhaps poorly worded on my part.

My comment regarding cast speed was strictly about the aiming animation.

Skills can be canceled and put on CD during their wind up animation, regardless of casting speed.

Non-instant cast skills can also be canceled before you even cast them. If you’re set to Quick Cast, and you’re holding the button to aim, you can hold that as long as you want and self-cancel at any time without “wasting” the skill. But if you get hit with CC while aiming like that … wasted.

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Same with whiskey and Ghalt. It’s so annoying.