Ultimate Skills being "countered"? Intended or not?

Plus her ult isn’t that amazing to start with since you’re so vulnerable and it does little damage if you survive the wind up. I wouldn’t mind it if t didn’t break but cloak. She’s still one of my favorites tho

I really think it’s WAI. Many ults can be stopped by hard CC, incurring the full cooldown. Rath’s is probably the most notable, just because it’s a blender if you actually do get caught in it.

BTW, Cal’s ult can backfire just because his pinky finger gets caught on a terrain protrusion as he rises or falls. If he’s rising, you only take a 12-ish second CD - which is bad enough. If he’s falling, you stop in midair like a big silver balloon that says “SHOOT ME!” in big neon letters, AND you take the full CD.

So yeah… ult (and normal skill) interrupts by CC are WAI as far as I can tell.