Ultimate Sniper Amara Build | M10 Viable

Ultimate Sniper Amara

Here’s a little background on my gaming history: I started out with online competitive play back when Unreal Tournament 3 was big. Deathmatches and duels were always my go to modes. UT3 required outstanding aiming skills, and if you wanted to snipe in a duel, you’d better be able to hip-fire a headshot from across the map!

Once that died down, I got into Borderlands 1. And from then on, this became my favorite game to play.

So, with that in mind, I wanted to have a setup that was a more traditional sniper rifle type of build based on aim, and the ability to hit crit shots consistently. With M 2.0 finally in a place where we can start to enjoy the game with more diverse builds, it was time to see if I could perfect my previous sniper builds.

We’ll start with the skill tree. My style of play has a huge impact on what points go where. I use a urad 150/50 setup. With Amara, that means either a Deathless artifact, or a Front Loader shield, or both to get that health under 50% all the time. To make things even more interesting, I am primarily focused on maximum DPS and zero health regen. I do not use Soul Sap or any other stat roll, skill tree skill, or any other buffs. I rely on ffyl for that extra life without dying and losing 10% of my cash.

I have found, through my playtime, that when your DPS is so high, that getting out of ffyl takes a mere few seconds on M10 and health regen is pointless.

Here is my current skill tree setup:



I use an Unseen Threat as my main weapon. A Clairvoyance Masher is my secondary. The new Vladof pistol with x8 is my third go to. And I do takedowns with a Torgue Plaguebearer. Other gameplay I use a Hellwalker.

My shield is usually an Old Gold with cryo. I use a Snowdrift Deathless artifact and a Phasezerker COM with AS damage, Weapon damage, and Jakobs Crit Damage. The grenade doesn’t really matter just as long as it has any ASE you want on there.

My Guardian Rank is near 850, so everything is just about maxed out. As for the Mayhem Modifiers, I use: Galaxy Brain and Holy Crit with whatever in the middle two. The two I mentioned are required for max potential with this build.

With no health regen, and a focus on having to hit crits, this can be a challenging build to perfect. It requires you learn where every enemy’s crit spots are… And you need to be very wary of your environment, never stay still for too long, and use cover! You are trying to be a sniper!

Here are a few videos of me with my build listed above:

Oh yeah! I use TTB, Soulfire, and Stillness of Mind as my action skill activators/boosts/etc…

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