"Ultimate Vault Hunter" Achievement Broken

The achievement for unlocking all other achievements (equivalent to the platinum trophy on Playstation) does not unlock on Xbox.

Here’s a link to TrueAchievements.com which scans and tracks Xbox achievements straight from Xbox.

No one has the achievement. Plenty of people with 44/45

We need a fix ASAP, please!


Bumping this so they might fix this bug

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This ain’t even cool I just finished all the achievements and was looking forward to getting this today but I guess not

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Have any of you filed an official bug report via the support desk? If not, please do so - link to the form is in the sticky post at the top of this section.


I haven’t submitted a ticket at this point, but that is only because I haven’t hit 44/45 personally yet.

As can be seen on TA, lots of people are commenting on the achievement and saying they’ve submitted support tickets (a lot of talk about complaining to the BBB as well… achievement hunters do not take kindly to this kind of thing…)

People are commenting that the responses from 2K range from “we’re aware of the issue and are working on a fix” to suggestions of user error… which obviously isn’t the case if you’re sitting with 44/45 achievements.

I think more people haven’t called attention to this simply because of how short a time the game has been out, but as more and more people hit 44 achievements the fuss is going to get worse.

Is it worth submitting an apparent issue to them if it hasn’t impacted me… YET?

I’ll submit one anyway

My “Ultimate Vault Hunter” achievement was stuck, as well as a “secret achievement”. While I was looking thru all of the maps and popped achievements, my Borderlands 3 locked up and caused my Xbox to do a hard reset ( 4th time in 3 days ). Once I got the Xbox back up and back in the game the “Ultimate Vault Hunter” achievement popped. I also discovered that my secret achievement that I am missing is the “Exoarchaeolo”, all named locations for Nekrotafeyo, but the achievement for discovering all named locations “Master of all you survey” ( which includes Nekrotafeyo ) has popped. Maybe that achievement will pop after Borderlands 3 hard resets my Xbox another half dozen times or so.