Ultimate Vault Hunter Achievement bug

Hi, I just got every achievement but the final one won’t pop…

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same here, kinda disappointed

There’s about 50ish people on true achievements stuck at 44/45 achievements. I grind’d trying to get a top 3 finish for all achievements when this came out and this one bugging has most likely ruined that opportunity. Really lame as an achievement hunter.

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Has there been any movement on this? I know it’s not fixed but I have not seen any official statements on this.

Sadly the only movement on this I saw so far, is that there’re now already 576 people (1.08% of the 54018 tracked gamers) there that now are stuck at 44/45 and that they are slowly but steadily becoming more upset and angry there.

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As I told The Coalition and as I will say to Gearbox, stop using us as testers. Gamer’s are getting tired of having to buy incomplete games. Yes your game works better and is more stable than Gear 5, but it is literally unplayable in Resolution mode on Xbox One X. This is a sad time when developers decide to trick the people into buying a beta and we have to be the testers so you can make it work months after release. Fix your game and start testing your product before release.


Just unlocked the last one I thought I needed to unlock true vault hunter achievement, still bugged as I didn’t get the 120g:( please fix this or at least explain there’s going to be more achievements in dlc and it will unlock then!

Just Unlocked as well and didn’t get the achievement. Quite frustrating not to see it when you were going for it.

Now already 1456 people (2.51% of the 58,653 tracked gamers) are stuck at 44/45 and miss 120 GS for the 1000 GS they paid for. Additionally nobody can complete the game, and so until this finally gets fixed, it’s currently also stuck at: No one has completed it (0%).