Ultimate Vault Hunter Achievement

So this happens when you unlock all the achievements. Is it broken?


Folks over on TrueAchievements are saying this is glitched. There’s over 50 people on the site that have gotten to 880/1000G. It’s a common issue for “Get all achievements” achievements to be glitched. Hopefully Gearbox can patch this.

Read it on TA after posting this. Fingers crossed the Devs see it too and sort it


Yeah, as a completionist, that would really bum me out not to work for a 100% of this game.


Same problem :frowning:

Just completed…glitched

Yeah it’s kinda lame how lazy this achievement is.

Fully man, it’s like they gave up thinking of achievements

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Same issue here, just got the 44th achievement but nothing happened. As much as I love this game it has way to many glitches


Do we know if this is affecting the all locations found achievement?
(Before anyone says anything) yes I have 233 including Jacobs falls on eden 6 and pit stop on Pandora.

Completely separate man. Mines popped since the last update. Have you got the wierd gambling den on the moon area?

I have all 3 achievements for locations. Also says 233 on my progress