Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode anyone?

So my guns are just AWFUL. I can’t defeat many of the enemies specifically because my guns suck. Anyone want to help me out with defeating monsters and looting?

I’m a level 52 siren at the beginning of uvhm. Let me know!


I can help you with bosses

my gt -> rodferraz

you on now?

I’ll gladly help you, what’s your gamertag? And if you want we can do it now.

i’m online now, i can give to you a bee shield lvl 63 and legendary weapons if you want to

can anybody power level me on Borderlands 2 Im level 23 And its taking too long to level up, help would be appreciated.

i can help you while i’m farming to 72.

will you be online at around 10-11 tonight? its when im free and able to come online again

Hey man could I join you guys while you farm? I’m also trying to get power leveled. I have a level 45 gunzerker. If it’s cool what’s your GT? I’ll add you and send a message

mines I Connarrr Im level 23 … but im UK time and will be on at 10pm-11

add me and the guy above me :slightly_smiling: