Ultimate vault hunter mode bullymong hair dont drop

well it’s said in the topic

i just started the ultimate mode and its pretty hard
so for this quest i just stick at the first map to kill the only bullymong there (exept for the boss im killing every time but hes also not droping it)

and hammerlock also says like “nice punch now take the hair” but it’s just not there
maybe it’s getting tossed RLLY far away like the items are which is rlly annoying :s

I’m guessing it’s the “Bad hair day”-mission you’re referring to, and that the boss you mentioned is Knuckledragger. Bad hair day has three areas assigned where you can go for bullymong hair. I don’t think you can get it anywhere else. And make sure you slag your enemies. It makes a HUGE difference. It’s still hard, but not that hard! :wink:

i am mechromancer so i always slag them :wink:
i got 1 already at 1 of the areas but ty :slight_smile:

If you have a roid shield, that will help A LOT.

ty too :slight_smile:
i love ur name :stuck_out_tongue:

You have to make sure it’s the MELEE attack that kills the bullymong- if it dies from weapon fire or elemental damage the hair won’t drop…

i finished the quest already but now i went back to true mode xD
ye i told u he also says “good punch now TAKE the skin”
it was cus it was the wrong area