Ultimate Vault Hunter mode Difficulty?!

Why the hell is UVM so hard, why are the enemy’s health Quadrupled?! I’m trying to do the Scarlet DLC in UVM, and i died 12 times just trying to clear out Oasis, excluding the no beard fight, why did Gearbox make UVM so impossible for the inexperienced or non expert gamers? can there be a nerf to UVM please? like just x2 enemy health instead of freaking x4

It’s hard because it’s ultimate mode. The health buff is easily offset if you get in the habit of slagging enemies before switching to your main weapon. (Especially since slag has increased benefit AND duration in UVHM). It is a steep learning curve form TVHM, yes, and the 55-59 zone if particularly hard. Get through that though and you’ll have an absolute blast.


Once you’ve had a chance to digest that you might want to look at the specific sub-section for your character. You’ll find lots of really helpful threads listed in the Community Resources guide pinned at the top of the category. These will give you a clearer understanding of which of your character’s skills scale well in UVHM and which don’t, as well as good build and gear suggestions. If you have specific character questions, those are the best place for them. If you’re experiencing difficulty with a particularly mission or enemy, post in the General Discussion (Spoilers) area - there are lots of people around who’d be more than willing to give you the benefit of their own experience getting the the hang of UVHM.


[quote=“OnyxRend, post:1, topic:1556135”]why did Gearbox make UVM so impossible for the inexperienced or non expert gamers?[/quote]It was done on purpose to provide a challenge for those experienced or expert gamers. It is optional, so if it’s not to your liking, skip it? Between Normal and True Vault Hunter modes, you should be able to find a difficulty level that feels right.


UVHM forces you to have a good build and keep equipment up to date. Anyway game is way harder just after entering UVHM, because not just enemies, but gear too have jump in stats, so you have to find better gear first.

Also the game despite the jump in difficulty just keeps getting easier after that point, because the higher leveled you get, the more more skillpoints you have and the more you learn how to play on this higher difficulty. So just break through this threshold and you’ll be fine.

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i’m level 55 Axton rn and it is HELL, especially since axton doesn’t have a burst spec at all

Post your build over in the Axton forum:


Use http://bl2skills.com/commando.html#00000000000000000000000000000000 to fill out your skills, then copy and paste the URL into your post so folks can see how you’ve built out. Axton was my first character through UVHM, which was hard, but some build tweaking and modifying my tactics a bit got me all the way through to 72. He’s really good!

i wanna build up Salvador though because i need the sustain, and i can’t really pull off the grog herald combo with Axton :confused: and i tried getting the bee hawk combo, but both norms and TVHM i got non elemental hawks

You don’t need those to get through UVHM, honestly. You can farm Savage Lee in Three Horns for a Harold, doesn’t even need to be double-penetrating. Tip Moxxi until she gives you a levelled Good Touch fire SMG. Use some golden keys to get some purple goodness from the Golden Chest (more codes here). Honestly, ANY character can get you to level 72; you just need a little patience and attention to detail. You won’t be face-tanking with Axton, but even Sal is rough over levels 55-59.

UVHM is a pins and needles experience until you hit level 72 and start getting gear under your belt.

The biggest things you need to remember are as followed:

Slag is your friend as it lasts much longer and the damage enemies take after being slagged is much higher than in previous difficulties.

Elemental matching helps significantly.

Outside of some exceptions equipment will last about 3-4 levels before it becomes obsolete. Exceptions are the DPUH, Pimpernal, and several other weapons.

Slow is smooth and smooth is fast. Until you reach the level cap and start getting some real firepower you are not going to be killing anything very quickly and will not be able to take a whole lot of damage. Play cautious and safe.

DLC content is arguably tougher than the main game due to the higher frequency of enemies that can reflect bullets or have unique traits not seen anywhere else. Case in point Cursed Pirates are a frightening foe in Scarlett’s DLC if you are under equipped.

As VaultHunter101 linked you should check out the different builds people have come up with. Skills that worked well in Normal and TVHM are less effective if not obsolete in UVHM such as most of Salvador’s Brawn tree.

Beware of Rabids! They are some of the toughest enemies in UVHM, surpassing their badass counterparts by an unnerving margin.

There’s a big step between TVHM and UVHM but it’s not as bad as it seem. The biggest difference is on lower diff levels. As long as you have a no nonsense build and decent gears you can cruise through them. In UVHM you need to understand the game mechanics and farm for gears you need. Spending golden keys won’t cut it anymore!
With Axton you’re lucky. (Despite what some will say.) 1st make sure you’re spec in “Grenade/Launcher damage” (Sorry, never been good with names) It also boost splash damage from Torgue’s gyro jet.
Early on you can farm for a Kerblaster. A drop from Midge-Mong in Southern shelf bay.
Not long after you can farm for a Unkept Harrold (Savage Lee) and Fastball (Boll) in Southern Divide. You’ll have to do some missions first but it’s still pretty early in the game.

There you go. You get powerful guns that are also easy to use. No need to aim for crits with these.
Search the web. The Wiki is great help but be cautious there’s some “misinformation” on it. Your best bet is probably Derch and Demonites channels on youtube.

I’m an average player at best and I “stink” at FPS. If I can do it, anyone can.
P.S. As you gain new skills the difficulty actually decrease as progress up to lvl 72. If that can cheer you up! Good luck.

If i speedrun until true vault hunter mode and then do sidequests is it more fun or less because i find it kind of repetitive if i do the sidequests in the first mode and then again in true vault hunter mode?

or maybe i should skip then also in THVM and wait for sidequests in UVHM?

You can skip most side quests in TVHM pretty safely. I do the ones that provide eridium, and save all the ones that have blue uniques as rewards until I’ve completed main story. That way, I can easily get some nice level 50 stuff to start UVHM off with. I might pick up one or two others if I feel the need to level up a bit more either before the Highlands/Overlook sequence or before the final push.

The one important thing is to try to end True Vault as close as possible to level 50. If you have golden keys you can overshoot a little more but it’s not recommanded.
You can do almost as much as you want in normal mode because it will have little to no effect on your level by the end of TVHM. It will slow down the whole process thou. Overall it’s a matter of personal choices. The sidequest are really fun (Most of them anyways.) So I’d say do some in each modes. Trying to do all of them leveling up in UVHM will probably slow you down there becaue you will have to constantly go back and farm your gear.