Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode Too OP for Single Player. HELP!

Okay. I made it to Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode. I’m all geared but yet I can’t get past DeadLift. What is the deal? Is this the end of the line for me? I seriously need help. Too me I feel playing UVHM Solo is way OP. Think you need to tone it down a notch. I don’t play video games to get stressed and when you get stuck at the beginning and just die over and over and over then there’s a problem. Please fix. Or it’s an early goodbye to BD TPS!


Seriously,I am going to post this everytime someone threatens GBX by saying that he/she will stop playing the game.


It’s not a threat. It’s a fact. No point in playing a game if I hit the wall. Why don’t you be more helpful instead of just trolling peoples posts?

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What character are you using? what build are you using? what gear are you using?

get a shock gun, a shock resistant shield, and kill his head off. you become immune to his shock floor thing, which is his main killer. if you can get your hands on a Kala shield, you can ignore about 95% of his attacks.
UVHM deadlift is way too tough for his own good.

I’m on Athena. She is level 70. A friend help power level me up. Only problem he didn’t have any gear to drop off. I’m on PS4 and my ID is Abaddon_81877. If you can help I would greatly appreciate it.

These replies do nothing but make frustrated people more frustrated. And I don’t need that.
Don’t post this again.


I’m going to move this into the PS4 online play section for you. Maybe you’ll find some assistance there.
Good luck and happy looting.

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Don’t post what again? The fact I got in the community forums to share how I feel. Or do you just support people trolling. Fact is I just spent my $60 in this game like every one else. I wasn’t rude nor did I curse. I simply told one guy not to troll peoples posts. If he had nothing helpful or good to say he shouldn’t be posting. And yes if I cannot complete my objective at the beginning if UVHM then maybe it is op and I will stop playing. And if you are not addressing me I apologize.

@Abaddon2012 most people are friendly and try to help if you ask for help, but you post something along the lines of “ZOMG game is too hard GBX pls nerf or I’ll quit” (yes I know you didn’t exactly say that, just putting it this way so you see what I mean) the general reaction will be what you got obviously.

Also please consider if you’re one of the few people that are struggling and the majority of players are not, the problem is probably not the game…
(the fact that you let a friend power level you and are sitting on underleveled gear now is the problem and getting better gear the solution by the way)

Don’t be mistaken however, people here are generally helpful, and I’m sure you’ll be able to find people that help you get past the point you’re struggling if you just ask friendly…

It’s not a matter of nerf or I quit. I been a gamer for a very long time and I know when companies release new content it can be stronger than enticipated, excuse the spelling. And it was a way of asking for help without asking for more soup please. Lol. My point is if I can’t move forward then what do you do. Move on to something else. I have been on the forums and asked for people on PS4 to play with. I grinded out regular and true mode but I’m not gonna beg for people to play. I know some people are helpful but there is also those people who troll forums posts just to get their forum rep up. Right now i’m farming Iwajira looking for better gear. Feel free to add me and jump in.

The thing is you can’t move forward now because you had somebody power level you earlier. In a looter game that is all about gear and levels, exploiting the leveling system with somebody that power levels you is likely to result in such a scenario.

If I can’t move forward then I don’t necessarily move on to something else, I identify the problem and then proceed to solve it if possible. Only if something is a lost cause I move on. (real life tip by the way, not just true for games)

And yes, farming for better gear is a good idea, I’m sure you’ll be able to get past the point where you’re struggling. Chin up. Also check the match finder forums, you’ll find people to play with you’ll see…

This is why people get frustrated after power leveling. Your lvl 72 character is useless if you are still running around with gear 10-20 levels below that. I would suggest using some golden keys. That may give you a fighting chance.

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i will agree with others, your friend or whomever leveled you didn’t do you any favors by basically doing half the work. if and when i pl people in any game, i always make sure they have supplies to cover it in advance, and if i they don’t have stuff already. i tend have done the work and have spares of whatever i have laying around. let’s face it, because RNG is king in games like this, you are always bound to have multiple of the same items you only needed one of, and if you have plenty of cash already, sometimes saving the good ones for alts or to help others just seems natural to me.

other way to put it. if you give someone a lift to where they are going(irl of course) that can help them greatly, what else can help is making sure they have at least one dollar on them as well. I know today a dollar doesn’t seem like much at all. But what if they were just short 1 dollar, or that one dollar could buy them a snack to tide them over. Basically what I’m trying to get at is… Don’t half-… it go full out or don’t bother.

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I will also say this, deadlift was a pain for me as well when I was using my athena. i got through it though. i changed my plan of attack and even went back to a lower difficulty to hunt for some gear that could help. As long as the gap isn’t to big, from my experience in all of the borderlands games. You can use under leveled gear to get through stuff. Heck i remember in bl2 where i had like a lvl 15 pistol i was using as i had hit lvl 30, the fights were tough as heck, but i was making progress. Now of course i found plenty of weapons that were close to my level or at it,and the reasons i didn’t use them was simply because they lacked what that lvl 15 weapon had. and it took a bit before i finally found a good replacement for that weapon.

There’s a reason the mode is called "Ultimate"

Anyway, I can imagine Deadlift being difficult on any difficulty, he’s not really difficult because he’s hard to beat, he’s difficult because of the Arena design (at least in my opinion, makes me sick to be honest with all the jumping around)

Um…I was talking to the professional…Not you. His comment, or well, image wasnt nice and has posted it before. I am telling him to stop, not you.

Why don’t you just get your friend to help you, the one who power leveled you. And stop crying about content being too OP. Some of us actually like challenges and don’t want things just given to us.

True that DPredator. My 4 hours of farming Iwajira paid off. I finally got past him. Funny thing though. 4 hours of farming he didn’t drop one legendary. But I did get two from the vending maching. Maybe I should just farm vending machines instead.

That’s certainly a good idea. You’ll get some good purples there. You just need a good shock element gun or two and a shock resistant shield.

Many people have reported problems facing deadlift at any playthrough. You’re not the first. Look for some of those threads too.

Also, there’s a sidequest that’s available before you fight deadlift. It gives you a green rarity shock element sniper. Very useful for taking him down.

Other things that help? of course shock grenades. homing tesla would be perfect. Respec if you need to back in the other playthrough. Tactic wise, try the staircase in the back for a hit and run approach to fighting him.

A lot of people do. But it’s more fun when you do a variety. For example, check most vendors but also go fight some unique dudes for their special drops. Otherwise the, “fight, loot, fight better, loot better, beat game, keep fighting and looting better and better” process becomes “fight, loot, vend, beat game, vend, vend, vend, vend…, fight somebody, vend, etc…”.