Ultra HD Texture Pack для игр Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel и borderlands 2

Hello. .Please remove the DLC Ultra HD Texture Pack for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and borderlands 2 games from my account.
I wrote to the Epic Games store technical support, but they refused and sent it to you. My computer does not pull 2k, textures, and it is impossible to download the game without this DLC.

No one at Gearbox can remove content from your computer. (And frankly, I would be extremely concerned if they could).

I’m not familiar with the Epic system, so can’t comment on what would happen if you turned off auto-updates and simply deleted the texture packs, but that might be worth a try. You might also want to examine the game add-ons in your Epic library and see if you can simply disable the packs there.

Edit: Seems you are not alone, and there is indeed a solution. From this thread:


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