Ultra HD Texture Pack for BL2 only?

I do not own The Handsome Collection, but I do own the complete BL2. Does anyone know if I still get the HD pack or do I have to buy The Handsome Collection? Sorry if it has been answered before, I tried searching first.


Buying the handsome collection just means you’re buying tps and bl2 in a bundle :stuck_out_tongue: But it is MASSIVELY on sale right now.

I understand that it only costs me $4.48 to buy the collection, but since I do not plan to play The Pre-Sequel, its still a waste of money. I’m also asking because my 2 close friends that I play with own BL2 only. The HD patch might not know the difference if I own one product or both of them, or it might.

Nobody knows, dude. But, since THC is literally just a steam bundle, I think you’ll be fine.

PCgamer thinks if you own Borderland2 PC you get the patch free -

"Announced at today’s Borderlands panel at PAX East 2019, Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel are each getting an Ultra HD texture pack as a free download. They’ll redo textures across the game, from characters and vehicles to weapons and environments. "

yes. the handsome collection is literally just a collection of all the things available for bl2 and tps.

I can confirm now, I did get the UHD Texture pack for BL2, I do not own The Pre-Sequel as a package with The Handsome Collection.