Ultra HD texture packs (not really tho)

Recently started the pre-sequel on pc, running at 1440p. One of the things I used to obsess about in the pre-sequel were the giant set-pieces in the sky, being Helios and Pandora. I loved how vibrant and detailed they seemed in this game, Helios in borderlands 2 looks incredibly minimal by comparison. So I went in thinking there would be some sort of ultra HD texture upgrade for the pre-sequel. Being that I’m not even at 4k, I figured that the textures would be more than adequate to become brilliant for any given screenshot.

So here’s helios. Doubtless converted to jpg and downsized by uploading it onto here, but the image still conveys the important bits. Look at the center, or “eye” of helios. Look at how low res/quality the texture is. This texture was not upgraded.

Alright now here’s Pandora. Look at the cloudy section in the top left of the planet. Pixelated and compressed like the last one. No texture upgrade happened here either.

Now I understand some people might think that this post is a bit idiosyncratic. It’s only 2 textures in the game, right? Well, could you think of 2 better, more quintessential textures to upgrade when it comes to the pre-sequel?

In my opinion, this most likely all goes back to how the Pre-Sequel is perceived as the “one off”, or “failure” of the borderlands games. This attitude was understandable to come from fans, as the circumstances of the release were misleading. Heck, it’s still 40$ on Steam to this day. The problem was when the majority of fans accepted the narrative of the pre-sequel as a failed game, and thus gearbox itself did as well. I even recall a BL3 interview Randy Pitchford gave where he said “we could just make more pre-sequels, and it would be cheap. But we want to do better.”. Completely throwing a decent game under the bus for a chance to slightly complement an upcoming game.

Hey Gearbox, I still enjoy this game! You guys more or less created it (half created it, at least), stop acting like you want nothing to do with it just to keep appearances in line with the zeitgeist, and have some pride in your genuinely good works!


Well you put this in the right section at least. That Ultra HD 4k Texture upgrade was a package deal and more for BL2 than TPS. The reason I say that is because when they rolled TPS over into the Handsome Collection for the PS4 and XBox One, it might as well have been a big DLC that was tacked on. Using that state of mind when looking at what level of detail was applied to the textures, it makes since that they wouldn’t invest a lot of time on objects relegated to the background, great distances away. With varying systems having limitations when it comes to draw distance, investing a lot of time into making new textures for those large objects would be asking a lot when they didn’t do the same in Borderlands 2 either with floating Sanctuary for example.

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Floating sanctuary is a place where you NEED a scope to see in any detail. Helios and Pandora in the pre-sequel are in your face near the entire time you play. Not to mention that you can look through scopes at will. And this is a game with relatively low requirements (originally created for consoles with only a half gig of ram) that most PC players, and even console players won’t have trouble rendering in detail. But maybe you’re right, it’s not like there’s any precedent for re-doing those kinds of thi-

Ah. I wonder, why did they decide it a priority to change the moon in borderlands 1 enhanced? Maybe because it’s an always visible/definable set piece that would benefit from it? And for that matter, who comes onto a post like this to argue against it? Everyone knows this post will have no affect. It’s a futile argument for objectively improving the game in a way, albeit a small way. There’s people who get paid by companies to go online and make the companies look good by providing plausible excuses as to why things weren’t right for games. You’re doing it for free and against your own interests as a gamer.

The Borderlands remaster was done by another studio, and not Gearbox, so I imagine they had some Autonomy. I’m not 100% satisfied with the remaster because of the memory leak and a few other bugs, but at least some effort was made after a decade with no work on the game after the fixed coop after the original system had to be moved to new servers in 2014-15.

As for this thread, just enjoy making conversation. I am probably guilty of mansplaining, so you’ve got me there.