Ultra violet cartel no count victory for reward

I was 12 victory after I finish more than 8 time ultra-violet cartel mission, but i still bloc in 12 victory for reward.

Can you post a screen shot of your Cartel challenge progress showing the specific one you are asking about? That would be helpful!

You need to finish 10 Cartel Villa runs at Mayhem 1 or higher.

Please find screenshoot.

‘Glace Médor’ is pretty straight-forward. You want the Cryptosec faction (the ones that look like Maliwan soldiers) and you have to use cryo weapons. I got this very rapdily using a Cryo Insider with a high cryo efficiency. In fact, I had it completed before I went to the Villa for the first time. Note that if your character skills or other gear put out a lot of elemental damage - especially status effects with damage over time - your cryo weapon may lose out to other elements for the kill.

‘Enfermés’ is ‘kill all 6 underbosses in one run of the villa’. You have to kill all six during the same session. The easiest way to get this is to systematically work through the whole map (including the cellar) before going to face Joey - you can actually have all six spawn before you go to the final fight that way.

I’ll have to fire up the game again to figure out what the others are…

‘Tout Manoir’ is the puzzle room you need to unlock. One of the possible mask locations is in a room with four screens, multiple book cases, and a keyboard on the desk. I’ll say no more…

‘Marquer…’ is deceptive. There are actually three locations (toilets) you need to activate, one in the basement, one on the main floor (iirc) and one in one of the separate buildings.

‘Ne jamer’ is I think the Fish Slap one - search for his name and you’ll find lots of tips.

I’m sure you can figure out the rest once you get into it!

My problem is not this
I finish more than 6 time mision after screen shoot . but I still bloc a 12.

That counter is for completed challenges, not missions - the screen shots are showing 6 incomplete challenges. So if you want to get to 18 you need to complete those. Unless you’re saying that you’ve completed a specific challenge but it isn’t registering?