Ultrawide cutscenes Issues **RESOLVED**

Any Utlrawide users having problems during cutscenes?
My image is basically
[Black bar][cutscene but only a part of it][background of the area I was in][black bar]

I’m running on an LG34GK850F 3440x1440p

Gameplay is fine.

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I’m also having this issue
Also having the mission complete text be cut off at the top of the screen
I’m running on a Samsung C49HG90 3840x1080

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Same issue on my end, using a ASUS PG35VQ 3440x1440

same issue here
samsung Se790c @ 2560x1080

Likewise, Samsung 49" monitor.

I have the same monitor and same issue

Thank you for uploading some screenshots!
I found out that the “Safe Area” option in the visual settings was off but I still get text cut off at the top.

cant seem to find a fix in the GameUserSettings.ini tried changing
with no look all other resolution stuff in there seems fine as well

2560X1080 confirmed same issue as above posters quite disappointing hopefully this gets fixed soon…

A Reddit User told me that he fixed his problem by turning off “FidelityFX Sharpening” on the Advanced Visual Settings.
I turned off mine but haven’t gotten a cutscene.
Hope someone can test it out.


Ok solution found people Disable FidelityFX sharpening, it will fix cutscenes on ultrawide
Compliments of steik on Reddit

Confirmed Fix


Confirmed Fix.

Can confirm disabling FidelityFX worked for the cutscene issue. Still have the quest complete text cutoff, but that is manageable.

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Has anyone had issues with the UI sometimes being way too large where you cant read some of the text. Specifically, when you complete a mission, I can only view the bottom half of the text. It is like this for one of the tabs in the inventory, specifically the tab to the right of the guardian rank tab. I am running the Samsung 49" monitor.


im having this same exact issue as well on my samsung C49HG9x i cant change which page im on either

sounds like this forum might be more useful, sounds like there is no fix yet. Hopefully this is resolved soon, it becomes really annoying with menus and other misc UI that cant be seen. Certain HUD elements outside screen on 32:9 displays