Ultrawide Resolution and the Loadout Screen

There seems to be an issue with the loadout screen when drag and dropping items. When dropping the item into the loadout I have to drag the item far to the left of the slot I want it in. If doing the double click method of adding the items it lines up fine. Not sure this is specifically an ultrawide issue but this feels very similar to what I experience occasionally in the menus of other games where the text box doesn’t line up with the hitbox for a button. I use an AOC 29.5 inch ultrawide monitor running at 2560X1080 resolution.

Same issue here. Running 3440 x 1440

I get this problem at 1920x1080. It doesn’t seem to be there if I lower my res to 1600x900.

But it also affects ALL menus, not just the loadout screen. It’s just particularly bad on the loadout screen. I accidentally picked the wrong mutations a couple of times because I tried clicking on them and it registered the click at the wrong spot.

Are you sure?! Even at 16:9?! Strange indeed.

Yep. Positive. Had to lower my resolution to fix it.

HOW did you get the game to run in an ultrawide resolution? I’m dying for a step-by-step guide for this. I’ve wasted hours. Nothing works. The game always detects the native res of my center monitor and runs in that, no matter what I put in PoplarEngine.ini or the command line arguments.

The native resolution of my main monitor is ultrawide.

I am having this issue as well at 3440x1440. Also I can’t see chat pre-game.

Yeah I didn’t even know pregame chart existed until someone mentioned it in game once.