Um.. anyone else notice everything just got reduced dmg

Just logged back in and almost all of my guns damage has been completely reduced. Wtf

Did you wait for the hotfix to be applied at the title screen?

Yeah I’ve finished the DLC already and have been playing all day. This happened like within the past hour or two

So you didn’t turn the game off?

Hotfixes are the ones that need reapplying everytime you turn the game off and come back. Be it closing the game and playing something else, or fully powering off.

I ask because I’m reading this as, you’ve been playing, turned it off to do something else, then came back later.

Yes I fully had it turned off during the time I wasn’t playing.

Then you’ve probably loaded up too fast and not let the hotfix load.

Wait for the sign that tells you they’re loaded before starting the game.

Actually, wait an extra minute AFTER the Hot Fix sign. That is what I do. You never know, an extra minute never hurts :slight_smile:

So no one else noticed a significant dmg reduction ??

I want to ask… How can anyone ever tell they have the proper hotfix on.
Throughout since april 23rd whenever i reload log off main title screen i see hotfixes applied always.
So how do i know its the right one? Will it not function if im offline? It always says it on the poll.

They need a sign saying hotfix +number. So we know.

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I thought they’d said they were planning to put something like the number or date on the sign.

As far as I’m aware, once the sign shows up you should have the most recent one. If the sign has been there and disappeared then you’re probably as up to date as you’ll be.

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Hard to say. My Moze seems to be struggling a bit when not in Iron Bear, but I’ve been spending so much time inside the damn thing since the patch that I can’t clearly remember how my build was before that.

Because i save quit to main menu i always see it popup. During wotan patches i thought i had it. I didnt but it shows hotfix. Right as the gtd nerf took place i went in didnt see a ddifference like.other ppl said so. Saw hotfix. Later on it may have worked saod hotfix too

That’s confusing. I know im not alone on that.

The hotfix had been showing its most recent date for quite a while.

When was this? I’ve never seen a date on the hotfix sign…

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Yeah i never see it.

th bottom left corner shows the date

@whatevercb I thing you may be reffering to the hotfix image in the news section at the bottom left of the main screen. They are referring to the sign that appears on the pole next to your character when the hotfixes get applied. You hear a ding and the sign pops up and goes away after a few minutes of being on screen.

As someone else posted, the hotfix date is shown as one of the panes in the ‘news’ reel that shows in the bottom-left corner of the main screen.

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UPDATE** the dmg amounts are back to normal lol not sure what happened there

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As said above, the current hotfix date shows up as one of the slides in the news box at the bottom left of the screen. From what Noelle said previously, this slide gets added in immediately after the hotfix sign shows up on the light pole, so it will not be there if the hotfix doesn’t get applied.

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