Um, can still see enemy team picks in solo/duo Q

I remember Jythri saying that it was a mistake and that it would be fixed?

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He did?.. I must have missed that post.

He did. It might require an update to fix it though. Which probably means the situation will persist until the last Story Op drops.

We are not suppose to see what character the enemy selects on a competitive pick/ban system? That’s weird. I’m guessing they will also patch the “no duplicate characters” bug once the enemy picks a toon.

I think it was more for the non-draft modes? I’ve noticed in Quick Match that the more experienced players always wait to see who the other team picks before they select. IIRC the comment was in one of the two most recent Battle Plan threads?

Ahh on Quick Match it makes sense but not for solo/duo queue as this threads refers to.

Yeah, it’s currently rolled out the same on all versus modes with the new character select inferface, but that wasn’t the intention.

Solo/Duo Q is no longer draft.

It isn’t? Wow I haven’t play it for the past 2-3 days so I didn’t know. That sucks.

So much for having a competitive queue for Battleborn. It failed yet again… It’s understandable since most of the veteran pvp players have stopped playing this game long ago.

On Xbox at least, the playerbase consist mostly of casuals, newcomers and level 100+ players that have acquired that rank through boost/pve.

I really like draft, partly because I like that there are no duplicate BB on the field. Its kidna lame when there are two alanis, two beatrix, two galiea and on and on.

But if we have no draft, at least we shouldnt be able to see the enemy team’s picks. I have never believed in a competitive in BB because there is no anti-cheat. Maybe this doesn’t happen on Xbox, but on PC several of the “competitive” pre-made teams had known and admitted hackers and their lackeys.

At least with solo/duo they tend to be split up, and have noobs on their teams and have to play against other hackers.

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