Um I'm sure this is a popular topic and stuff but like claptastic voyage fail

Well I bought the season pass and downloaded everything but the one thing i do not have is claptastic voyage part 1 because it says i have to pay 10$ or the other one that is free when i press it goes to the regular download screen but all it does is give me the option to cancel no purchase or download option just cancel

So if anyone’s got some advice or in the same boat some help be appreciated thx

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I am in the midst of this too, it amazes me that this has been an issue for this long and remains unresolved. Oddly tonight I can’t even see the files that are related to my season pass at all. I am getting tempted to pay the extra $9.99 and download the files that way just to save time.

I give up. Screw these guys. Their support gave me the runaround and pointed the blame at XBOX who pointed it right back (and frankly made a better argument “It is their software, it isn’t our fault they can’t make it work right”).

Truly sub-par

That’s fair, and I assume it worked for someone at some point. At best I cast the blame 50/50, if Gearbox was aware that selling this through their in game process didnt’ work, they should not have offered it for sale or at least done so with some sort of warning.

In addition the tech support has been seriously bad.

Let me look into this a little bit for you guys today.

@richard35 – If you don’t mind posting your support ticket number, I’ll explore that as well. Very sorry you’re having to deal with this and we’ll get to the bottom of it. :slightly_smiling:

In the meantime, here’s a workaround that may help in the short term:

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Well i got it fixed without having to pay another 10$ microsoft fixed it after i got done talking to 2K they help with the issue and had me provide evidence of the issue and now my claptastic voyage DLC works perfectly just go to the links provided by tokesy97 and scroll down to the reply’s

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Great! We’re having conversations internally to try and fix the issue once and for all. Very sorry that it caused you trouble, but very glad it got worked out! :smiley:

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I gave up and paid the extra money. I had already wasted hours on this and your support was really not at all helpful. I am glad someone on this site finally responded but it is academic.

Your support on this issue was pretty awful and really diminished my opinion of your company and products. The “not our problem” brush off in a semi-comedic email is top-ten most unprofessional things ever.

The only number I see associated with this ticket is #102911 and the last response I received from Gearbox was from From: Annie-Claude L. (Gearbox Software Support) [] on January 25th.

I replied with the contents of the MS/XBOX chat where they blamed you just as vehemently as you blamed them and after explaining it all to several people at bother Gearbox and MS/XBOX I gave up. It put me off XBOX too, frankly and I went and bought a PS4 instead of the XBOX one I had planned to buy due to my annoyance at the awful support I have found on their side of things (credit where credit is due in my tiredly angry ranting).

I did not receive any further response to a couple follow up inquiries. So clearly the e-mail-in-a-robot-voice brush off was the last word from Gearbox on my problem.

At a minimum someone owes me 10 bucks and several hours of my life back. I would love to know why you let this problem continue to exist without dealing with it or warning anyone, but I don’t honestly expect candor on that issue.

I am the undesirable demographic of an “old” gamer. I have multiple jobs, kids, care for elderly parents, and don’t have the energy to slog through a lengthy process to make things work right when software companies decided to beta test on the public. The irony here is after finally throwing my hands up, rebuying your product, I was so put off by it all I stopped playing. I’m sure I will stop pouting at some point and revisit, but it sucks that your lack of attention to whether things worked wrecked an otherwise high point in my week. My baggage far more than yours, but honestly the dismissive nature of your support process is really toxic to someone like myself who has very very little time to devote to these things. I understand you can’t anticipate every problem and don’t control MS’s decision making. BUT you have obviously been aware of this for at least 6 months and it still doesn’t work.

Please e-mail your response to the address associated with the ticket. I would be glad to forward the emails to you if you are interested.

I’m done griping. My appreciation if you actually made it this far.



I’m truly sorry that this process hasn’t been a smooth one, Richard. I can totally understand your frustration. Regardless of what demographic you are, things should be working properly for everyone and that’s always our goal. I can personally tell you that we’re having conversations and meetings internally to see what can be done to improve the situation.

Again, I do apologize and if there’s anything I can personally do to help you, please let me know.

it’s still the same…and all the support site says is they are “aware of the issue and are working on it”. This bites. It was perfectly fine the whole time me and my bro were playin’ thru the game and right when we FINALLY finish the first playthru and raise up the $30 bucks to get this season pass…this mysterious issue pops up. :frowning:

Hello Joe,

I responded via e-mail but I am posting here as well in the hopes that you might get it.

This is repeating most of what I have said before.

I appreciate the response. I wish I had come to your attention much earlier, you might have been able to help as you seem far more interested and on-the-ball than the support departments I have interacted with.

In terms of what I feel I am due, I have cut my loses, I did get stuck paying $10.00 I didn’t rightfully owe to correct the problem. Prior to that I tried to return the season pass without success. I can’t imagine there is an easy way to refund me $10.00 or $29.99 or some portion thereof, nor do I suspect Gearbox wants to start sending checks out on this for fear of admitting fault and potentially facing a deluge of requests. But since you asked (more or less) I do feel I am owed at least $10.00 by someone. I don’t see any way to magically recover the wasted time, unless you folks have resources at your disposal beyond my comprehension. If so, call me I’d pay you a lot of money to be 25 again.

Barring a way to send me some refund or some analogous show of good faith, I don’t really need anything. Please pass along my concerns in some concise way (brevity is not my strong suit) to whomever is addressing this issue. If someone would have immediately explained the problem and tried to give me a refund or an alternate means of downloading the software that worked I could have saved a great deal of time, and you could have been spared looking like jerks by eventually passing the buck to MS/XBOX with a shrug and a “your problem not mine” message.

Like I said, I have stopped playing BLTPS at least for now out of sour grapes and used the sub-par XBOX customer support as a sign that it was time to dump the xbox 360 and move on to a PS4, so all of my commentary is truly empty academic grousing. Thanks for your time regardless.


Richard Holland

And you won’t get your money back, and they don’t seem like they care. Disappointing.

Do not waste your time on the enormously time wasting “call xbox” part of their program. Truly. A complete waste of your time and energy.