Umm drops and the event not working right I think

I dont have much issue with the annointed drops it seems like I get a good amount of legendaries that are but it seems the dedicated drops are lacking I’ve farmed killavolt around 20 times so far and still no transformer what’s up with this? Also same for the demoskags and the blinding banshee their dedicated drops dont seem to drop as much as gearbox was suggesting would occur and I’m just getting trolled with the monocle.

What Mayhem are you on?

Mayhem 4 tvhm

Strange. Unsure about it but that does seem fishy. Bad odds or certain bosses didn’t got updated.

I’m seeing couple of dedicated stuffs from Lavender Crawley but haven’t tried anything else yet. Seems to be working and not. I’m praying it’s bad rng though

Hahaha I just killed him and no legendaries whatsoever dropped my luck is just dodoo or something

I think the problem people are going to have is that some of the dedicated drops are so bad that it’s still going to take a while to farm one up even with the improved drop rates. For instance, it took me 6 hours of farming to get my first driver com. Now, if it took me two hours during this event to get one that’s an improvment, but it still sucks.

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Iv killed borman 50 times an he skunked me 46 times an the what he did drop was junk

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Just sucks especially when your trying to hunt for a specific annointment with it too I finally found a sntnl one but I want the one for barrier to be honest

Wait… actually, Killavolt is a quest boss, so I don’t think he is included in the farming frenzy event. I was just doing some runs on anointed alpha, and his loot doesn’t appear to be affected either (he’s a quest boss).

Yup blows a bit, dont get me wrong all I’m super happy they are doing this but i just expected it to be a bit quicker especially in m4 tvhm

I hear you I also think it did something to agonizer 9000 also he is dropping a lot less then he was before

He is since hes a named enemy, they said rare spawns and named enemies have a higher drop rate for legendaries and their dedicateds I’m pretty sure that’s what was meant by it, plus all the streamers are saying it too.

I don’t think it’s working right shouldn’t be getting none drops like that I mean borman is just horrible he dropped better when he hardly showed

If that’s the case, it may not be working correctly. Annointed Alpha seems to drop just the same as before. I have no idea. Total confusion since they didn’t make a list of affected enemies… would have really helped people, improved communications, and reduced frustration. I started another thread just a bit ago asking if anyone had a list by name of included enemies.

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Maybe idk, I havent been to sleep since I got off work cause I wanted to get a head start on farming if I spend an entire week farming and not get what I’m looking for I might just stop playing all together

It seems to be working for me. I just got 2 anointed transformers from 3 runs and allot more anointed dropping in general.

Borman is broke I just got kill 60 an 5 drops 3 of them junk psycho staber

Anointed world drops seem to be in a good place right now.

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We got the same problem except mine is with Agonizer (Dictator). There was one run where he DROPPED NOTHING. This is Mayhem 4 TVHM!

I think that’s a bug. I’ve never seen that happened with Agonizer prior to this update.


I think it’s working for A9000. In 20 runs, saw 2 anointed EM-P5s, but only 1 Dictator and lots of other decent anointed world drops (oddly, saw 3 Cutsmans, all corrosive).