Umm, so where are the patches?

I’m growing a little impatient…

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They are considering releasing another one mid next week. It’s on the dev tracker.

What exactly are you used to that a couple weeks between patches is cause for impatience?


you find that normal? multiplayer is dead already

To be honest, I was kind of growing impatient as well. Primarily because I am worried about the health of the MP community.


Yeah, considering how little we hear from GBX as to news about patches (and how small the last patch was), I wouldn’t blame people for being impatient or at least confused. I certainly expected there to be frantic patches and hotfixes right after launch, for things like balancing and crashes, bugs, etc. Considering how most modern PC games (and even some console games now) tend to run in terms of updates, HW:RM has been comparatively lacking.
While it is important to understand that the HW:RM team is not very large, I will agree that more diligent and immediate work was needed to save the multiplayer community in the eyes of the average consumer. Hopefully if/when it gets pulled out of beta they will make a big deal about it and people will come back.


Betas like this.

I think one solid patch every month would be nice.

If they release a patch next week like they are planning to they’ve released 2 patches in one month. That is what I’m used to for online only games with in games stores like MWO. Those tend to be patched far more often than normal games.

Besides the MP isn’t what’s going to keep this game alive, the modding is and they have gone above and beyond regarding tat. Will see what they add in the patches to help with modding. This game is more Skyrim-with-MP than LoL.

The original HW had a very strong MP community. MP, not mods, kept that game alive for quite a while. New games and the eventual end of WON kind of killed it, but you can still find a game or two on Game Ranger. All lot of the folks posting on these forums are from that era, and I suspect, like me, were hoping to get some of that back.

Instead we’re having to face the realization that Homeworld was not remastered, only HW2 was. The Homeworld portion of the MP game is just a mod that adds units that look like the original Kushan and Taiidan. There are crucial aspects of gameplay and mechanics that are missing. I’m wondering if they can or will be restored.

HW2 was more mod friendly and I’m sure that had a lot to do with its continued popularity. But, from what I can tell over the years, HW2 mostly didn’t catch on with much of the original Homeworld community. For example, Old Men Online (the club, I’m affiliated with) was founded playing Homeworld. When HW2 came around, we were all pretty excited … until we played it. Eventually, we drifted on to other games. A friend I spoke with last night recalled how our luke warm reception for HW2 ended up being the impetus for a number of the OMO to start playing the Battlefield games. He also mentioned that he’s been playing HWR a lot lately … the classic SP campaign. Honestly, I think if we could play the classic game (that came in the HWR collection) online, most of us (and probably a lot of the fans of the original Homeworld game) would play that instead of the HWR MP beta. I’m guessing if we still had the old discs (I do, but most I’ve talked to don’t any longer), you might see a resurgence of the original HW on Game Ranger. It’s hard to describe what the original Homeworld MP meant to that community and how disappointing HW2 generally was. For myself, HWR has been similarly disappointing.

I guess I agree with the idea that this game is “Skyrim-with-MP”. And, that’s the problem!

If this game is “Skyrim-with-MP” or if the original Homeworld MP mechanics aren’t going to be restored, then, Gearbox has squandered an opportunity, in my opinion.


You know, from a business stand point, they have already made a profit and could cut all support for the game and walk away happy.

Very true. That’s why I’m not holding my breath that significant changes to the gameplay will happen.

On the other hand, there are still some folks on the side line (who are taking a wait and see attitude about the game) and there are future associated sales to consider. I’ve been assuming fans of the original Homeworld game would be hungry for for more if the gameplay is right. Based on comments posted in these forums from people I recognize and were very active from the original Homeworld community, the gameplay isn’t there yet.

Gearbox already has my money. If they want to just take the money and run (which they certainly can), that’s their choice. I’ll just be more cautious if there’s any DLC down the road or when Shipbreakers comes out.

Why would you be cautious about Shipbreakers. GBX wont be making it.

Gearbox owns the IP and is providing support.

BBI has been well into development on the game for a long time, and last time I checked GBX was letting them do w/e they want with it. I’m not concerned in the slightest.

640mb patch, right now.


What changes?

Just to be clear… Its no balance patch…

Bug squashing is good too.