Ummm... Gearbox Hello? I need an explanation on the "Character Balancing" on Ghalt

Can I get an explanation on this atrocious “Character Balancing” that they did, but first a moment of silence for the death of the scraptraps that we all love and hate on Ghalt. Now I’m not trying to sound like one of those guys that knew dang well that their character was OP and started complaining, but taking the ability to stun from of his traps is basically taking away his purpose in life. Now granted that they increased damage by 15%, I still think they could have increased the damage of the of both shotgun and trap by 5-10% to compensate for the lack of stun more for the fact that they increased the health of the of the fighters. Or maybe in the slowness and/or duration so that the trap would at least still have the purpose of obstructing the enemies that step on it. Ghalt was the perfect counter for those who get too close and personal. But now that equilibrium is gone allowing those like Deande and Atticus to have a feast on support in the back.


No, if anything ghalt needs a slight damage nerf. I played with ghalt, and every player I pulled into that trap I killed. Unless my team fed off of it.


If you have a good healer like Alani who can pack heal for a max of 1000 or have health for days like a Montana who can dash away then that also becomes a problem. However, mostly those factors depend on the gear as well so I can see where you are coming from if they have a good Ghalt.

On the Superbadjuju stream i heard the @Jythri say something down the line: Ghalt needed some more variety in gameplay. They wanted to promote his shotgun play because ghalt is the guy with the shotgun. In order to buff the shotgun they needed to nerf his stun as it was to powerful. if they brought the stun down from 2 to 1 second it wasn’t really a stun any more. So they changed it to a big slow. This way they could add some more shotgun damage. Now enemies are not left4dead once stunned and ghalt isn’t a 1 trick pony.

Don’t know if you have seen the GBX stream where they discused all the character changes.


All right my eyes have been opened a bit and I can see where they’re going with this. However, I still feel the slow should be either increased or intensified because characters like Melka and Miko can dash at the speed of light when things get tough the moment the slow is off. There’s also the cases like Attikus and El Dragon being able to escape most of the time anyway. I understand the changes in order to have people to appreciate the shotgun more, but the traps function is to obstruct people or slow them down but from testing things out, they escape pretty fast with all sorts of abilities making the trap useless most of the time until you put more damage on the trap. But I guess the people I play with could also make a difference in whether they’re livin’ or not so I complain too much.

So does that mean more working on ghalt, also how do you have lore on aurox being leader of his gauyota pack, and how shayne git the scars, it’s on your site

I cant recall, it must have been in a press release, 2k blog, or character description from the official site.


Level ghalt, use the DoT + slow + while you’re shot gunning as they get pulled. Basically an instakill.

I hope they don’t continue “buffing” ghalt.

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You may have point there as well, but I’m just worried that only a small part of the community knows how to implement that right now. Even though I don’t use Ghalt, but I do know that things such as minions, environment obstructions, and the choice in gear can make Ghalt completely useless, so it’s not like He’s hooking salmon every time as well. If he gets someone like Attikus or Caldarius then that’s not always such a sure kill (especially with those who don’t know how use Ghalt in first place but that’s just inexperience I guess :weary:). And even though Caldarius can’t thrust while slowed, that’s only 2 seconds. And as I said before, if the enemy has a bulk healer like an Alani for master Miko, then they have a good chance of getting away scot-free.

The devs shouldn’t balance characters around player base knowledge of how to use a character.
It shouldn’t matter if the enemy team has a bulk healer, because this is a team based game. And Ghalt is a DPS controller, he shouldn’t be instakilling anyone. If he’s a controller, means he’s more of a support, which right now he has that feel.


I’m not saying the devs should just balance around the common knowledge gamers, it was just a small concern for how he’s gonna be played for now on. And He used to be more territorial and yet have high DPS that is much like Kleese’s shield to damage mortars and shield generators. Those aspects of them made being near their set up territory a serious threat and made the enemy more cautious towards charging them which is what I liked about them. It added another factor and challenge to the game which in my opinion makes it more fun.

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He is insanely balanced now. I don’t know how you think he was fine before

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Like I said, I welcome the challenge of an exploitive Ghalt. It adds to the challenge of the game for me. Plus he can’t go hooking everyone at once right? So cooperation is also important. Not to mention there’s obstacles in his way at times as well.

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They may change him further, since the devs want that shotgun play, roamed ghalt is popular now, as in team leader ghalt

Ghalt’s traps feel like a glorified speed bump to me now.

I still wish gault had some kind of aoe buff for teammates. He is the leader after all

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Like a passive defense or cooldown reduction buff?

I like the new Ghalt, personally. He’s well balanced. It means that he’s more of an up-close-and-personal harasser, rather than a character with a huge wombo combo that is pretty much a death sentence.

It now means that playing Ghalt is a matter of “can I get in close enough without getting in trouble from enemy teammates” rather than “can I land this Hook”.


That’s his feel now. I’ve been playing a lot more with him, and I try to stay behind my scrap trap and lay them down often. Because if enemies try I rush, they get slowed, and I get a kill. My only concern with ghalt, is really his movement speed and an 18s cool down on a ability that your enemies can see and destroy, And which ghalt is highly dependent on through survival and effectiveness. His DPS is insane though.