Ummm... Gearbox Hello? I need an explanation on the "Character Balancing" on Ghalt

Wouldn’t it still be a game of “can I land this Hook” so you can drag them to your side and gang up on him with your team?

Yeah, but now it’s a useful extra piece, not a necessity.

Ghalt has changed because reasons that were mentioned above. But remember the case with Kelvin, he lost his 2 second stun but after some time Kelvin got the 2 second stun back because data and character focus point. changing things up isn’t done everyday because the player base need time to adept to the changes.


He does, it’s called “let me pull him in for you guys” play

Wait so are you implying that hooking enemies to the trap then shooting them is not the focus point for Ghalt?

cough El Dragon cough


Something like that yeah. To be completely honest, I’ve always thought his kit was pretty lame. Effective, but lame.

But than what else would you do then? Run around gung-ho?


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But you can do that in the first place. So really, it’s taking away the variety from what Ghalt can do in that aspect.

Isn’t that literally the definition of his current ult? Idk he honestly just feels like the prime candidate for pseudo-support buffs. Not sure how they would do it, like through a base skill or helix choice, but it’s something I would definitely like to see

But really, did anyone actually do that? I agree it does take a little bit of utility away from Ghalt, but not much. His Hook-Trap combo is still really effective, it’s just not a death sentence any more.

If a their whole team jumps you while your trapped then yeah prepare for an execution, but by himself there’s still plenty of ways to escape.

Exactly. This is a good thing. It makes things just a little bit more challenging.

I’m implying that if the change sucks, gbx will chance it back.

The combo you describe is still possible and still gives Ghalt the upper hand, it’s just not as good as before where a stunned enemy was sentence to death

Ghalt is actually a team leader in gameplay, he just does not do it with buffs, with a good range, quick hook, he can bring enemies to his team and save them with it, tactical layout of scraptraps are a key factor in saving and making it easier on his team against the enemy, not to mention it’s scary to be near his team when you have a guy with a damn shotgun, only his ult is a non team ability (if it were not so buggy it would be good)

If their justification for “1 second stun isn’t really a stun” then why the hell did they make El Dragon’s stun shorter as well?

You’re not even back into the first person view by the time they’re out of the stun…


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EL DRAGONNNNNNN!!! is THE Champion he needs like half a second and still wins every fight. He’s armed with speed and ISIC isn’t pulling those off. EL DRAGOOOOONnnn… !!!


I disagree. With a max of 2 traps you can hardly use them for anything but the hook-trap combo, so I’m not sure what you mean by “tactical layout”. And sure, you can save an ally with the hook occasionally but a lot of characters can use their skills to save allies (even Caldarius’ flashbang). So idk, to me that really doesn’t set him apart (in that aspect anyway).

@Ginger_greninja I agree with him here. If anyone can capitalize on a 1 second stun it’s gotta be Dragón