Ummm this happened

was just playing the new bloody harvest, my computer crashed and now all my saves are gone…no clue what to do.

Need some help.

restore your backup. you did make a backup?

no i didn’t, should have known better .

did you get an error message? not seeing many that have crashed and burned like this. Has this happened previously?

nope no error message just not there and no never see this before

checked the save game folder? D:\My Documents\My Games\Borderlands 3\Saved\SaveGames\665fa3a6613846fea7a034f9727bf910

ya there are some from a month ago but im not sure if they are my character

I would think a month ago should load but the data sounds to long ago. Weird that they would show up but not a recent one. accidently delete it? check the recycle bin

nah i didnt delete it, just not there