Ummm what is this thing?

Ya so I was playing my game and I suddenly get 3k xp for killing this midget.!AvUSF95oGuacgeocLkci6QgZIbwx1A

not bad on the XP. looks to be a loot midget. I believe they become legendary loot midgets in UVHM. you still have a tiny chance for a legendary in earlier playthroughs, just not as likely. Did he pop out of a loot chest you recently opened? If not, it’s just a tough enemy that spawned that gave you good XP. There is also the chance of you killing multiple enemies simultaneously and it couldn’t produce the XP individually quick enough so it’s combined. I get that a lot when I power level in Pete’s Bar.

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Definitely a Pyscho Loot Midget, either from a box, crate, or locker that OP opened at some point. And they are pretty stubborn critters!

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Here’s one of my recent finds that i didn’t know existed until i came across it
So there’s no telling what Pandora will send your way each time you explore.


I’m not sure a loot midget I’ve killed those before, he was just there never opened a chest…my best guess at this point is tubby midget or a badass. ((Well bad ass psychos are huge as shit so it could only be a tubby or a chubby))

Definitely not a tubby - they are much thicker! There are a bunch of midgets in the game; now I come to think of it, it’s probably just a regular midget psycho. They are still very tough despite their size though - badass or super badass level enemies (not sure exactly which). Somewhere around these parts is a thread with a complete collection of midget screen caps showing the entire family.

Then most likely that then, it looks like a regular old psycho but gave me so much xp I was surprised. I did find a loot midget on my level 72 Mechromancer though when I was sham farming on the bunker. Cause I zone in and zone out, I checked the two ammo boxes and got a loot midget…didn’t get anything worthwhile though which was disappointing I’d admit. This time I’ve been farming all my gear legit unlike my old Xbox 360 account. Only I don’t intend to get much op level stuff except for an op8 bee shield and just keep it around. So I don’t have to farm for op8 weapons when I decide to go into op8 from level 72.

Is it possible killing that little psycho (awwww isn’t he cute!) just happened to finish a challenge which awarded you 3k XP?

That’s borderlands 1 that gives you xp for challenges, 2 gives you BA rank

Oh yeah! My memory is patchy at half one it seems!

Didn’t complete a previous mission objective or have a Phaselock out that killed a tougher enemy out of sight perhaps? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Clutching at straws I know but I’m bored and should be in bed :p)

I think it was just a bad ass or something as I killed the guy in the elevator not long after and it also gave me 3k

Judging from the images, the first one seems to be a regular psycho midget. All Loot Midgets have the mask that you see on the second image with the Loot Midget Rat, and the psycho midget doesn’t. They also have the backpack that you see on the rat, and the psycho doesn’t have this either, so… regular psycho midget. No question about it!

Regarding the XP… Your characters level is fairly low, considering the area you’re in, and that will give you more XP than if you were on par with the mission level. But 3.000 XP for a psycho midget is way more than what you’d get even in TVHM. Not even the loot midgets give you that much XP in NVHM. Threfore, I’m gonna go with the explanation that @Kurtdawg13 offered:


I’ll second regular Psycho midget… that looks like one of the fellas strapped to Nomad shields that got released.

I’ve had groups of them swarm in on their own as well. There’s a couple of spots where that’s a regular occurrence.

Which spots?

I will have to play again to remind myself, but quite a few of the bandit camps have them running around free. Oh yes! Also, during the Slab initiation fight - there’s a whole horde that spawns there. Some of them jump on to the nearest Goliath’s shoulders, but the rest just run at you in a frenzy of high-pitched screaming.

Ah yes. What’s the collective noun for a horde of midgets I wonder? I love it when they jump up on Goliaths’ shoulders like that.

Never seen a chubby midget though :frowning:

“A mountain of midgets”. You read it here first, folks!


You’re not thinking creatively…

Au contraire - I’m contrasting the size of the singular object with the opposite scale of the qualifier for the collective noun.