Ummm what killavolt

Has anyone else had trouble dropping shield as zane when fighting killavolt? My sheild has never went up after I deployed it when fighting him currently

Yes mine despawns as soon as I throw it in the arena so I toss it prior to jumping down.

Same and never able to deploy after, thank god I have an ion cannon to burst him down, I’m just trying to get a sheild annointed transformer from him

I’ve heard you can drop Zane’s Shield/Barrier on top of the ammo crates. I have yet to try it. Will probably take a few tries, to figure out how to get it to deploy on the crate.

Then you can leave it there or pick it up.

Been on the receiving end of that also, even dodging the shock patterns doesn’t deploy shield

Yeah I just posted this to let the devs know honestly hopefully they will be quick about the fix I already see them as better than blizzard devs so I believe in them.

Ahh summer lambs. I hope they are quick with a fix or two. :joy:

Forgive me lol I’m just bit jaded recently, I’m sure they will get around to it.

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I’m personally frustrated at the drop rates and the fact that I spend gaurdian points into luck which ruined my drop rate for specific legendaries i need so understandable.

You’re not throwing grenades that recharge your shield so I think you’re good :sweat_smile:

I think you might find it better to simply change which action skill you’re using in that fight until they do fix it :stuck_out_tongue:

I just switch to the transformer which is the one I’m farming for funny enough was just looking for a sheild annointed one. If you go transformer against killavolt you really only have to worry about his two peeps that jump into the stadium.

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