Un-nerf galilea

Well you’ve gone and made her squishy, thank you guys for ruining a once amazing character.

Please un-nerf her.

I can’t tell if this is a joke or not


Guardians of the galaxy quote woohoo;)

Its normal for people to favorite “unbalanced” character. And when the nerfbat drops, the numbers can be overwelming.
But you cant deny that its not normal that she was able to pretty much kill anyone without breaking a sweat(was fun though;))
Lets just see how she does now, and if the nerfs were to much they will change her again. So no worries.

I feel like they are not being as careful as they should be. They are super harsh and should nerf slow and steady, same thing with buffing not too much .

Because they never done a game like this i think they are trying to get some reference points (balancing 25 chars is realy hard). I beleave that they will get better after a few of these fixes. I have faith in them.

But until then we should start to fear ghalt the shotgun wielding devil owning everyone now haha

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if it was in effect today she is still rather good from what I’ve seen anyways looking at those KDR’s and scores anyways.

Galilea is just fine. Balance is not weakness but a better experience for everyone.


i’d say she still does pretty well, she (and i really mean she alone) wrecked my team in an incursion match it was slighty easier though to kill her but i’m still not a fan of her stuns lol

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well said

The stuns are still pretty ridiculous.

I’m being serious, it’s like they nerfed her and people hate her so much they target the crap out of her.

I find ALL eldrid need some strong nerf right now too.

Upon further investigation I guess she’s alright still, just have to hold back more than I want

She’s looking a lot better now, she’s still one of the best characters in the game but no longer dominates matches. This nerf was definitely a good thing.

Galilea is still one of the most powerful character you can pick right now. I’d say I’m quite pleased with the kind of balance they’re doing. They don’t stupidly ruin characters by nerfing them too much.

I need Kelvin explained to me, he just seems to be ridiculously hard to kill.

Anyway ya I had to play a bit safer but finally hit a 13:1 k/d ratio

Well, he is a tank…

If someone knows how to play him and when to get him out of the heat then yes he is hard to kill. He’s also hard to get non-minion kills with, though. Definitely more of an assisting character, meant to keep attention on him while teamates pick of his aggressors.

I will have to keep that in mind.

Even though she still stomps everything, especially with an Ambra.

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I eat her for breakfast. People need to get educated and stop asking for nerfs.

Aside from Thorn and Miko i rarely ever see any other Eldrid on the field =/ Some characters will obviously be played just for power, some for how they feel, some for just pure personality and appeal (TOBY!)

Boldur and Mellka were extremely time consuming to unlock during the beta because their unlock missions weren’t available. I didn’t even have enough time to get to that command rank. That’s probably why you didn’t see them much. Not sure why Kelvin didn’t show up much, since he was easy to unlock. Might just not be that popular. I didn’t like playing as Kelvin at all.