Unabe to complete Quests that have Monitor/Screen Scenes


I am having issues with all the quests that have any Monitor/Screen scenes, like for example the one after you kill Shiv and you need to watch a monitor in order to continue the quest. I had the same problem after killing Mouth-Piece and I am currently stuck on Sanctuary on the " Get to the bridge" quest point. All the screens show gray horizontal lines for me, but if I play with a friend, which I had to do in order go proceed, he is able to see whatever there is shown on that monitor.

Is there a patch on the way? Because I am basically unable to play the game by myself, and due to the save-game bug, I lost all the progress that I made with my friend and now I am back on Pandora on the “Cult Following” quest which I cannot complete, with a level 20 character

Thank you in advance,