Unable find how shut down shock barrier in 3 zones

Stanton’s Liver, Outlands Spur, Pity’s Fall all have shock barrier protecting red chests. searching in forum has not lead me to the solutions to shut down the barriers.

the normal bl1 & bl2 way of chasing down the wires to the fuse panel does not work. looking for solution (not hints, at this point i just want to get the damn door open).

Follow the cabling coming from the zappy gates, you should find a electrical box. Shoot it and claim ur reward.

I believe i stated that in each of those zone there is no fuse box at the end of the wire or no wires and no fuse panel that i could find in the area.

Im pretty sure Ive done the pitys fall one before look again. As for outlands… Spur, could you possibly mean outlands canyon? There’s a door there that unlocks by ground pounding 3 buttons. As for Stanton’s there’s a wire leading to a ground pound button , hit that and it should open.

The pitys fall might also be a stomp pad, it’s been a while since I’ve cared about chests.

stomp pads? so you have to slam the pad for it to work? never seen that hint before.

yeah they’re circular pads with lights on them

I looked in the wiki and can’t seem to find info on them. The one in stanton’s liver open that one.
The one near the electrified door in Outland’s canyon did not open that one, unless there is a second one i did not find.

There are three to stomp in outlands canyon one near the shack and two near the O2 things in the middle of the map.

The stomp pad for the shock barrier in Pity’s Fall is located above that area on a broken walkway. There’s a fence/rail to the left of the door that leads further in to the ship that you can jump on to reach it.

More accurately, find the electric gate in Pity’s Fall. Go to the door away from that area, then turn around to face where you came in. On the right, there’s a small truncated walkway up above. Jump onto the railing on your right, then jump forward and onto the walkway. There’s a slam pad on there. Butt-slam it and the treasure is yours.