Unable to accept shift friend request

Hello, i have an issue : i can’t play with a friend of mine who plays presequel on epic games.
i’ve had this problem for 2 weeks at this point. Whenever my friend who uses epic sent a friend request via shift, i can’t press the accept button . Does anyone had this issue?

You have too many friends on your friends list… Try removing some and see if you can add your friend after that.

I had the same problem
I fixed it by completely deleting my shift account and then reestablishing it

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i only have 2 people on my friend list, how many people is the limit?

ah okok thank you

I tried deleting my shift account and it didn’t work :frowning:

I linked the new shift account to steam could that be the problem?

make sure you deleted it you have to scroll down to do that

I just deleted the account i create a new one and it still doesn’t work, sorry for bothering

Sorry maybe submit a ticket to gearbox support