Unable to add friends on Shift with Steam Players

Hi, bad issue for me : i can’t play with my friends from Steam, and i’m on Epic Games.
I had this problem the 28 march when Shift-system has crashdown.
Since this, i can’t add Someone anymore.
Knowing, I get some friends in new Shift’s system for Multiplaying in betwen Steam/Epic, 26 march.
So what happened to my account ?
Epic and Steam are Linked to Shift, I have friend on shift from Borderlands 2, but i can’t accept Shift’ requests in Borderlands 3 anymore ( I did it before, the 26 march ).
I sent screenshots to support, but no one help me , i hope you will repair my account.
I play evereday on this game, but i can play with new friends because of this.

I haven’t been able to accept shift only invites for months.

I have the game on both steam and EGS. If the req comes from either of those launchers, it’s fine. But if from shift only ingame, it errors out