Unable to advance past "Return to Bridge"

The Return to Bridge quest is checked but no video plays and it will not advance the story. Tried rebooting the game, fast travelling off sanctuary, hosting, having someone else host. No success.

Did you try interacting with any of the characters on the bridge?

I did. Lilith and claptrap are the only ones on the bridge and neither have any prompt for interacting. The screen where I assume the video is supposed to play is white. I just get the audio of Tyreen and Troy commenting about the video.

Did you set any config options to skip movie intros? If so, might want to try toggling that. I know there was an issue at launch where some players would not get the video after the Shiv fight, but I’m not sure what the fix was for that.

If it’s not the movie intros thing, you’ll probably need to file a support ticket - the link for that is in the pinned post at the top of this category.